Thursday, October 29, 2009

Embrace Beyond - the poem I love most

Embrace beyond the whirling spheres
To reach ever-distant though you be near
And feel your breath, still turn away
Suppress these pangs, ignore dismay.

Block these dreams with drakened shadows
Still seek love's tantalizing glow
To move beyond myself and glow
Into perfection, to tend your sorrow.

Helicopter tour view

I ever dream that I could reach
Into your soul, fulfil your wish
Yet doomed to restraint enforced in love
Forbidden to reach out, your heart soothe

Tender, this ache deep, I feel
Through the endless years that twist and reel
Into delirium, the void where all I see
Is the dark dream of your tears' beauty

To choose the right, and flee the wrong
Embrace this path, disminish alone.  

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