Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Soulful Feet Workshop by The SHAPE Mag

The contents of the goodies bag received by participants

Recently the SHAPE mag has organised a workshop titled as "Soulful Feet", organisers including True Fitness(TF) , True Spa, Nike, Scholl, NOSE, Ajinomoto (VONO, Slim Up), and Zero Odor Deodorant (1 Wipe for 1 Week).

The workshop kicked start with a small "lecture" by the TF Trainer and he emphasised on the probable injuries we may get during a workout. He also willing to demonstrate to us the correct way of running by landing correctly with the feet on a treadmill.

Few "Luck Draw" sessions held to keep the participants joyful and "awake". Wow, it is so uncbelievable that I won something too (refer to picture below with Lucy).

My friends and I felt so happy for such experience and we were home with goodies bag worth more than RM200.

I would suggest the SHAPE mag to everybody as it is really worth reading and it is only sold at RM5.60. You may buy it from major bookstore or mynews store too! Enjoy Reading ya! Have a blessed week! 

The SHAPE beauties, Linda and I

Lucy and me with our Nike Bags

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