Monday, November 30, 2009

Add some flavour to your BREAKFAST

In one study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology,
those who have their calories (0 to 11%) intake from breakfast,
in average over 4 years, gain only 3 pounds.
another study by the same journal shows volunteers who skipped breakfast
have 4.5 times of obesity as those who took the time to eat.

Let's look at some favourite recipe of BREAKFAST:

Egg & cheese sandwich
Why bother to wait for a McMuffin when you can prepare this
egg and cheese sammy in the comfort of your own home.

Cheesy mushroom scramble
This scramble will take only 4 mins (prep and cook time),
meaning you have more time to curl your hair before heading to office.

Texas-Mexico Sandwich
Wake up the flavours of Southwest!
Whole grain should be the 1st ingredient.

Sunshine Berry Mash
Top up berry on a healthy yogurt parfait
packs plenty of protein for a slow release of energy for the day

Healthy Oatmeal
One cup serving: 25g of complex carbohydrates & 4g fibre.
Fibre will keep you full through noon!
Add soymilk/ syrup for a satisfying quick bowlful =]

Quotemeal from Leo Buscaglia

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sharing of my Toastmaster Journey: #3 : How To Do A Speech Evaluation?

Listen. Listen. Listen.
The key is to pay attention and listen to both verbal and non verbal communication.
Imagine that you are a role play as "coach" and is trying to bring the person the another level up after the speech, and he/she indeed need an honest and constructive evaluation from you (the evaluator).

It is given 2 mins for a speech evaluation and the standard format to follow is:
First, Commendation(s)
Second, Recommendation(s)
Third, Commendation(s)

Two important things to note: The speaker's name and his/her subject title.

Begin your evaluation by mentioning the speaker's name and title.

Comment a little bit on the subject matter but not into the details.

Imporatant thing to note is that you must cover the speech objective and
let he/she know that in your opinion, whether all objectives have been fulfilled,
if not, state why with example(s).


Daily Wisdom: Proverbs 25: 14

Like clouds and wind without rain is a man who boasts
of gifts he does not give.

How much calories in Starbucks Caramel Frappucino?

To earn the WISH stamp at Starbucks,
today I decided to give myself a grande of
Caramel Frappucino.

After seeing the amount of caramel sauce

30% on the 30th - Crave Saitisfaction - New Zealand Natural

Carving for truely satisfying ice-cream, TODAY is the time to NEW ZEALAND NATURAL!
With a 30% off takehome packs on the 30th of every month, its the time to pick up your flavours or have 1st experience on a brand new flavour!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


You can now register for the One Mile Dash: New Year Bash 2009. Click here to have the convenience of online registration and payment for the One Mile Dash: New Year Bash. The One Mile Dash is only open to 800 participants.

This event is unique because it is on New Year Eve, it is in the evening, it is 1 mile (1.67 km) and supports the Old Folks Home in KKB. Let us together make it possible for our abandoned Old Folks to have a decent and respectable life at the twilight of their lives.

Your participation contributes to them having food and shelter.

RM1.00 of your registration will go to the Rumah Sejahtera Warga Tua in Kuala Kubu Baru. Isn't it a great idea to finish 2009 by being charitable.

So get yourself, friends and families join in the ONE MILE DASH:NEW YEAR BASH and be different!

Check Hooha site.

Two course meal @ Italiannies for RM27.90

TGIF sharing : Freedom and Boundaries. Genesis 3:1

"Now the serpent is craftier than any of the wild animals the Lord God has made.
He said to the woman, "Did God really say, "You must not eat from any tree in the garden"?"
Genesis 3:1

God is big on giving man freedom and boundaries-freedom to manage what He has entrusted to us, boundaries to protect us from evil.
The boundaries in the Garden of Eden were not set for the purpose of limiting Adam.
Man got into trouble when he questioned those boundaries.
God had provided everything he would need for life.
He also entrusted man with responsibility to manage and work the Garden.
God gave him freedom in that responsibility.
God knows we were made to express ourselves creatively through our work.

Ask God to show you His freedom and boundaries for your life.
These are meant to enhance your life, not hinder it.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bought a Little Lovely Book Today =]

I Sing For Joy Each New Book I Have...

Why not be grateful in every moment given in each new day?

This book I found in a book store called Book Xcess.

Initially plan to pay a visit to the book fair began today in
Amcorp Mall 3rd floor,
however, the huge crowd and very long lines of queue turned me off.

And this scene moved me to the nearby book shop
and there I found my precious book, published by
Everyday Wisdom Press, Bellevue, Washington.

Let's share a prayer with you which I found in this little book:

"I pray that you have everything in life you want,
but more important,
I pray that you want everything in life you have" 

Sakae Sushi Christmas Promo

Charles Dickens - Disney's A Christmas Carol

Starring Jim Carrey.

The Poster of Disney's A Christmas Carol

CG (Cell Group) movie outing to watch this
"Christmas-feel" movie.
ll together 9 of us and our event organiser are
Ai Ping and Erwin,
and our CG leader, Eugene, commented that it is
"Max horsepower team up again"!

And Eugene hopes that the same alacrity
will be shown for Wednesday Night prayer meetings!



We never thought that this movie is so serious about life saving.

Ebenezer Scrooge, a bitter and miserly old moneylender
(the old man shown in the poster).
He holds everything that embodies the joys and spirit of Christmas in contempt,
refusing to visit his cheerful nephew Fred's Christmas dinner party with his family,
and forcing his underpaid employee Bob Cratchit
to beg to take the day off for his own family.

This is the beginning of the story.

That very night, Christmas Eve, 24 Dec.
 Scrooge is visited by the ghost of his former business partner, Jacob Marley,
who had died seven years prior on Christmas Eve and
is now forced to spend his afterlife carrying heavy chains
forged from his own greedy ways.

Marley warns Scrooge that he will suffer an even worse fate
if he doesn't repent, and foretells that he will be
haunted by three spirits that will help guide him.

The first spirit, the Ghost of Christmas Past, shows Scrooge
visions of his own past that take place on or around the Christmas season,
reminding him of how he ended up the greedy man he is now.

The second spirit, the Ghost of Christmas Present,
shows Scrooge the happiness of his fellow men on Christmas day.
Among them are his nephew Fred, who playfully makes jokes
with his family at Scrooge's expense, and Bob Cratchit and his family,
who are just barely able to make do with what little pay Scrooge gives Cratchit.
The Cratchits also tend to a sickly young son, Tiny Tim,
whose commitment to the spirit of Christmas touches Scrooge,
who is dismayed to learn from the spirit that he may not have much longer to live.

The third and final spirit, the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come,
shows Scrooge the final consequences of his greed.
Tiny Tim has died, leaving the Cratchits to mourn him on Christmas.
Scrooge has also died, though there is more comfort than grief in the wake of his funeral.
In addition, Fred finds benefit from inheriting his wealth,
and Scrooge is even robbed by his former maid.

Did Scrooge able to get a SECONG CHANCE from the spirit?
Did he manage to escape from the way to Hell?

You will find out from the movie, friend.

Personally i think this movie make all of us to ponder
and look back to what we have done thus far.
Are we destine to Heaven or Hell?
The answer lies between god and our very own being.

Also I believe in every festives, that will be the time
we ponder to look at how we have build our relationship with our love ones, family, friends
and perhaps also neighbours and collegues. 

Do take some quite moments to think, how can we care for others
how much others remember and care for us.


Quote from CS Lewis

I was not born to be free.
I was born to adore and obey.
--- C. S, Lewis

Precious Moments membership figurine - "Sing For Joy For Each New Day".

Many times when I passed by the shop "Precious Thots",
I will eventually standing there for quite a moment
to admire the little figurines displayed.

One day, as I decided not to spend on things unnecessary,
 I did not bring cards like 
ATM or credit or debit cards. 

And that day is the membership drive for "Precious Moments",
and the above shown is the gift to member.
 The name of this Membership Figurine is
"Sing For Joy For Each New Day".
It illustrates the celebration of pure joy in life
 in love, in frienship, ... in all things.

Guess what happen next,I counted it a blessing as 
the store keeper said that she will allow me
to fill up the membership form first
without payment and will reserve the Membership Kit for me
to collect the next day when I settled the payment.  

Besides being delighted in having
my very first figurine
from Precious Moments,
the figurine is also a symbol of my life.
As I enjoy singing to the Lord my God
who loves me unchangingly
in every moments, be it a rainy day or sunny day. 
I feel like a happy chipping "bird"
on my bed after I woke up.

This little joy filled my mind, my heart and my soul,
and what if I forgot to sing,
it could means I am not that ready for the day to come.

So when tomorrow morning arrives,
will I sing?
Will you sing?

I wish I will 
Sing For Joy For Each New Day!

Remember this:
Be thankful and grateful, deeply appreciate
for what a day we will be receiving!


GUESS Special: 50% OFF every 2nd item

"Got Boobies" &

"Got Boobies" is a new term to adress breast awareness campaign,
used by a well-known hand bag online shop,
 They are also selling the pink ribbon products
where RM10-15 is to be donated to
the National Cancer Society Malaysia to help fight breast cancer.

I personally see it as a good effort to walk the talk
of being a good corporate citizen,
and helps to bring up the awareness level among ladies.

Such campaigns have been organised by many organisations
especially those who has directly establishe "market" relationship 
with the female consumers, i.e. Estee Lauder, Origins, Bobbi Brown,
CLEO, Hello Magazines, etc.
I personally had attended the "World Pink Day" launch
in The Gardens, Mid Valley here in PJ, in October 2009.

Why is it imporatnt to have raise awareness
on breast cancer and self-examination?
The answer given by the expert:
"Simply because NO ONE will have a better understanding on your own breast.
And most of the cases, the detection of breast cancer/ simply lump/
abnormal features are first noted by the patient.

And I learned something vital, which is, to fix a date
(say the every 10th day after the menstrual commenced)  
to conduct the self-check. Only examine once every month.

Even if there is abnormality observed, DO NOT panic but observe again
the next month on the same date to re-confirm on
the situation and therefore to decide whether a clinical opinion to be needed.      

Also Christmas is around the corner, ladies,
perhaps it is time to shop for party bag(s)
and new laptop bag(s) from AliceWonders.

I have purchased few elegant bags from them and very satisfy
with the quality and designs.
There are Daisy Tote bag, Coco Luxurious Mini Bag,
and a pretty "cool" laptop bag. 

Daisy Tote

Coco Luxurious

Laptop bag from AliceWonders

AliceWonders Christmas Promotion.
Do check it out at
Wish You A Happy Shopping =]

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dare to Dream!

What the mind can CONCEIVE and BELIEVE ,
it can ACHIEVE.

Dare to do it!

From the book, Dare to Dream
By John C. Maxwell

What is The SIZE of Your Promise?

The size of your promise,
determines the size of your business.

The size of your promise,
determines the size of your life.

Sharing of my Toastmaster Journey: #2 : What Makes A Best Table Topic Speaker?

Have you ever wonder why the person got voted as the best table topic speaker?

As I observe the best speaker and dissect his/her speech,
I begin to identify his/her winning trait(s).
They become my model of excellence.

One of the best speakers was
passionate about the topic.
It shows in the POWER of his/her

  • Voice

  • Facial expression; and

  • Body language.
Whenever I speak, I try to "activate" my emotion, and make it personal.
I will relate the topic to a personal experience or someone's story if possible.

Tell a story,
because people love a GOOD STORY.
Do you agree with this point?

Buy 1 Free 1 Vouchers & More - Give Away at GSC Pavillion (29 Nov '09)

Win yourself a Johnson Fitness Evolve treadmill worth RM5800

With purchase of the December issue of The SHAPE magazine, you will stand a chanceto win Johnson Fitness Evolve treadmill worth RM5800.

It is designed in USA, equipped with an orange back-lit LCD screen that allows you to check your progress, and a built-in MP3 and CD player compatible stereo speaker to blast your favorite tunes!

One may workout by choosing 3 settings: Manual, Burning, or Healthy.

It is also space saving, and comes with fold-up feature, the Evolves truely lives up to its name! 

Visit any johnson Fitness outlet or its website.

Shopping Extravaganza for Readers of Harper's Bazaar & The Women's Weekly

Do you know how much calories is in a Subway meatball with cheese?

6 inch cheese with lettuce, tomato, onion, green peppers, olive, pickles and cheese
= 560 calories
24grams of fat
63 carbs

Today I am too blessed to have a prelunch and "lunch actually" with my boss and work mates at Subway.

Besides, coupled with a nice cooling iced lemon tea for sharing of two.

My 1st experience to the Subway meatball, tried many subs before but not this, perhaps an influence by the movie "Cloudy with Meatballs".  

Overall experience, good fellowship with fresh sub!

SHAPE Your Body Plan

This only serves a s a GUIDE for those
who want to try a good "SHAPE" diet
that provides a total of  1283 calories
and exercise probably burns 200 calories,
a balance of 1083 calories for the consumption of a day,

Breakfast: 253 calories
Brewed Coffee, Orange Juice,
Spinach Scramble Eggs

Lunch: 293 calories
Skim Milk, Tomato Soup, Range Salad

Dinner: 398 calories
Fajita Salad

Snack: 339 calories
Air popped Popcorn, Diced Watermelon,
Plum, Yogurt Crunch

1 Different Exercise:
10mins, Stair Climber

Monday, November 23, 2009

Do you know that "Exercise" links with "8 Hormones"

There are many physical, mental, and physiological benefits to regular exercise.
One category of benefits is the impact that exercise has on many of your body's hormones.
Hormones are chemical messengers within your body that affect almost all aspects of human function:

1. Growth Hormone
- Stimulates protein synthesis (muscle tone/development), and strength of bones, tendons, ligaments, and cartilage.
- Decreases use of glucose and increases use of fat as a fuel during exercise. This helps to reduce body fat and to keep blood glucose at a normal level which helps you to exercise for a longer period of time.
- Release of growth hormone from the pituitary gland in the brain is increased with increasing aerobic exercise time, especially more intense exercise such as interval training.
To receive an article on intervaltraining.

2. Endorphins
- An endogenous opioid from the pituitary gland that blocks pain, decreases appetite, creates a feeling of euphoria (the exercise high), and reduces tension and anxiety.
- Blood levels of endorphins increase up to five times resting levels during longer duration (greater than 30 minutes) aerobic exercise at moderate to intense levels and also during interval training.
- after several months of regular exercise, you develop an increased sensitivity to endorphins (a higher high from the same level of endorphins), and endorphins that are produced tend to stay in your blood for a longer period of time.
This makes longer duration exercise easier (you're feeling no pain) and it causes your exercise high to last for a longer period of time after exercise.

3. Testosterone
- An important hormone in both males and females for maintaining muscle tone/volume/strength, increasing basal metabolic rate (metabolism), decreasing body fat, and feeling self-confident. It's produced by the ovaries in females and by the testes in males.
- Females have only about one tenth the amount of testosterone that males do, but even at that level in females it also plays a role in libido and intensity of org*sms.
- Production of testosterone in females begins to decline as a woman begins to approach menopause and in males it begins to decline in his forties.
- Blood levels of testosterone increase with exercise in both males and females beginning about 20 minutes into an exercise session, and blood levels may remain elevated for one to three hours after exercise.

4. Estrogen
- The most biologically active estrogen, 17 beta estradiol, increases fat breakdown from body fat stores so that it can be used and fuel, increases basal metabolic rate (metabolism), elevates your mood, and increases libido.
-This hormone is at much higher blood levels in females, but the ovaries begin to produce less of it as a woman begins to approach menopause.
- The amount of 17 beta estradiol secreted by the ovaries increases with exercise, and blood levels may remain elevated for one to four hours after exercise.

5. Thyroxine (T4)
- A hormone produced by the thyroid gland, Thyroxine riases the metabolic rate ("metabolism") of almost all cells in the body. This increase in "metabolism" helps you to feel more energetic and also causes you to expend more calories, and thus is important in weight loss.
- Blood levels of thyroxine increase by about 30% during exercise and remain elevated for several hours afterward - this period of time is increased by an increase in intensity and/or duration of exercise.
Regular exercise also increase thyroxine levels at rest.

6. Epinephrine
- A hormone produced primarily by the adrenal medulla that increases the amount of blood the heart pumps and directs blood flow to where it's needed.
- Stimulates breakdown of glycogen (stored carbohydrate) in the active muscles and liver to use as fuel. It also stimulates the breakdown of fat (in stored fat and in active muscles) to use as fuel.
- The amount of epinephrine released from the adrenal medulla is proportional to the intensity and duration of exercise.

7. Insulin (adrenaline)
- An important hormone in regulating (decreasing) blood levels of glucose ("blood sugar") and in
directing glucose, fatty acids (fat), and amino acids (protein) into the cells.
- Insulin secretion by the pancreas is increased in response to a rise in blood sugar and/or amino acids (protein) as is often the case after a meal.
-Typically, the larger the meal, or the greater the quantity of simple sugars consumed, the larger the insulin response.
-An excessive insulin response causes fat production within the cells - thus, insulin is sometimes called the "fat hormone".
-Many overweight people's cells develop a resistance to insulin so that it takes more insulin to have the same effect. This creates a situation where blood levels of insulin are higher than normal.
-This condition is often improved by losing weight and daily aerobic exercise.
-Blood levels of insulin begin to decrease about 10 minutes into an aerobic exercise session and continue to decrease through about 70 minutes of exercise.
-Regular exercise also increases a cell's sensitivity to insulin at rest.

8. Glucagon
- A hormone that is also secreted by the pancreas, but it's job is to raise blood levels of glucose ("blood sugar").
-When blood sugar levels get too low, glucagon is secreted and causes stored carbohydrate (glycogen) in the liver to be released into the blood stream to raise blood sugar to a normal level.
- It also causes the breakdown of fat so that it can be used as fuel. Glucagon typically begins to be secreted beyond 30 minutes of exercise when blood glucose levels may begin to decrease.
-So, next time you're exercising, think about all the wonderful things that are happening to your hormones. It might even make you want to do more exercise!

In conclusion:
Exercise creates an uplifted feelings and improves the overall health and fitness status.

What is the secret of success?

What is the secret of success?
"Right Decision"
How do you make right decision?
How do you get experience?
"Wrong decisions"

This I view as a complete circle in our learning to success.


Dale Carnegie book: How to win friends and influence people

One all-important of human conduct.
If we obey the law, we shall almost never get into trouble.

If obeyed, will bring us countless friends and constant happiness.

The law is this:
Always make the other person feel important. 

William James said:
"The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated.
It is this urge that differenciates us from animals.
It is this urge that responsible for the civilisation itself.

Charles Schwab put it,
"Hearty in their approbation & lavish in their praise."
All of us want that.

So let's obey the Golden Rule, and give unto others
what we would have others give unto us.
How? When?Where? 

The answer is:
All the time, everywhere.

Make the other person feel important
--- and do it sincerely.   

Sharing of an EU film I watched - "With Your Permission"

He played the main actor, Jan (Lars Bergmann) 
being the cruise-ship chef in the beginning
& toll collector at the end.

Recently I watched a European Union (EU) movie in the
Golden Screen Cinema (GSC)
 during the EU film festival.

The title is pretty good I think, "With Your Permission",
it aroused curiosity in me and it is a comedy movie.
Directed by the hilarious Paprika Steen, she is well-known on Danish screen and stages.

To me it is a disturbing comedy and ended up like a big drama when the obnoxious main actor decided to kill his wife by hired his "new friends" that were introduced to him during the "group therapy".
However, the story went on and on this corner of chance and destiny, their lives took unexpected turns.

The main actor, Jan, was with lots of fear, and always hide things from his wife.
You may ask why? The root cause stem from a major accident causing him hearing disabilty.
As a result, he must give up persuing his dream to be an opera singer.
On the other hand, his wife too, stopped persuing her dream and the house "Opera Rule" set in which disallowed "opera siging" in the house.

Now, a conclusion has been drawn, if you give up too much in a marriage, you could be in big trouble.

Another point to note, is that, we, human, is very unreasonable creature at times, for example, liking someone that we should dislike, and disliking someone that we should like.  

Last point, we have to beware of this, "people is not just what you see"...

Overall, I have a real tough time to figure out the message(s) that the director
of this Danish film to the audience.

This storyline was very real indeed!
That love can be frustrating at times but we shall learn not to stop our love one to "move on" in life if we truely care for him/her. And I believe that everyone has a higher destiny in life other than living for themselve.

I quite like this saying:
Couples should learn not to whistle in the dark but sing through in the relationship!

Dear, do you get the meaning?
It's all come back to what we call an open communication by two or more key parties in a relationship.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

1926 Heritage - Friday the 13th November 2009

Do you believe the law of attraction? I had heard about Hainanese food during my breakfast buffet at Cititel on Friday morning. On Friday night, none of us expect to stay for another night. Even after booking the B-Suite for another night stay, we thought we will be heading back and not having any heavy dinner anymore.
However, the heavy rain and heavy traffic bought us to a detour back to Jln Burma, the heritage.
There I met one gracious lady (Annie Tan) and a wise Hainanese man (JP Wong). They bought insights to my life and also helped me to discover my dad, also a Hainanese. Now I learned that I shall be proud to be a hainannese. Also I sat there and read the history written in the Hainanese Delights's menu.

Do you think it looked like the boxing chicken?

Hainanese Yam Duck

Hainanese chicken pie

pudding in the cups

New Item--- not yet in the menu. Freshly baked Hainanese snack.

Friday, my unexpected date with The Sire

Snap shot at Cititel after check out,
last day fieldwork in Penang town.

Now I fully understand the word that people said, "Mouth-watering foods".

The Sire - the museum Restaurant.
Keeping the secret of the Yap's family.

The interior design of the restaurant. Like the door design.
Very wide door with a taste of classicness. 

The table for two.

The stair case to the "museum"

My cappuccino, ever wonder what is the definition of Cappuccino.
It is the Italian coffee drink prepared with espresso, hot milk, & steamed-milk foam.

Very delicious brownie. Nicest ever!
Yum Yum

The Garden Salad, well prepared and served.

Spicy Curry Mutton, classic dish from Pakistan/ India, very small portion but well prepared too!

Yoko & I with the big menu.
Two little happy "birds" in the "Garden of Museum"
Yeah, we "shared the fat" when came to the delicious brownie.


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