Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Day 2 lunch, Yummylicious Popiah Search

The most yummylicious popiah I have ever tasted in my life... certified by travel guide too!
Here is the "Xi Fu" behind the scene.

The "zhao pai" of the Popiah stall @ one of the Penang Padang.

It contains lots of crab meat, the texture is soft and crunchy, not easilly fell off when consumed. AMAZING!!!
One bite of it, I can say is like heavenly food...
but have to wait for some time after the stall open @ 2pm. That's why all of us postpone our lunch time to 2pm instead of 1pm. Worth it! yum yum =]



Jean said...

looks yummy wor~~^^
I went Penang once but come back in sick, so not dare to go

Lilian said...

Hi Jean,

Thanks for visiting and comment.
That is a "sunk cost", do not let the past experience let take influence on your future decision. lol


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