Wednesday, November 25, 2009

"Got Boobies" &

"Got Boobies" is a new term to adress breast awareness campaign,
used by a well-known hand bag online shop,
 They are also selling the pink ribbon products
where RM10-15 is to be donated to
the National Cancer Society Malaysia to help fight breast cancer.

I personally see it as a good effort to walk the talk
of being a good corporate citizen,
and helps to bring up the awareness level among ladies.

Such campaigns have been organised by many organisations
especially those who has directly establishe "market" relationship 
with the female consumers, i.e. Estee Lauder, Origins, Bobbi Brown,
CLEO, Hello Magazines, etc.
I personally had attended the "World Pink Day" launch
in The Gardens, Mid Valley here in PJ, in October 2009.

Why is it imporatnt to have raise awareness
on breast cancer and self-examination?
The answer given by the expert:
"Simply because NO ONE will have a better understanding on your own breast.
And most of the cases, the detection of breast cancer/ simply lump/
abnormal features are first noted by the patient.

And I learned something vital, which is, to fix a date
(say the every 10th day after the menstrual commenced)  
to conduct the self-check. Only examine once every month.

Even if there is abnormality observed, DO NOT panic but observe again
the next month on the same date to re-confirm on
the situation and therefore to decide whether a clinical opinion to be needed.      

Also Christmas is around the corner, ladies,
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