Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My Mother, The Mermaid - the last featured show during the 2009 Korean Film Fest

The poster of the movie, My Mother, The Mermaid

Like Mother (Yeong soon on the right), Like Daughter (Na-Yong on the left)

Na-Yong's parents before marriage, at their 20s

Yeon-soon & the young postman (her future husband) enjoyed the relationship of teacher and student, as Yeon-soon was illeterate and the postman was from a city, educated however, placed at this little Ha Village, and destined to meet this girl, that he described as "pretty and nice" lady during their last free lesson.

Yeon-soon used to asked her young brother to send a letter each day for her even though she couldn't read but the fact behind it was to create the opportunity to meet this charming postman every morning after she was done with her house work.

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