Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Precious Moments membership figurine - "Sing For Joy For Each New Day".

Many times when I passed by the shop "Precious Thots",
I will eventually standing there for quite a moment
to admire the little figurines displayed.

One day, as I decided not to spend on things unnecessary,
 I did not bring cards like 
ATM or credit or debit cards. 

And that day is the membership drive for "Precious Moments",
and the above shown is the gift to member.
 The name of this Membership Figurine is
"Sing For Joy For Each New Day".
It illustrates the celebration of pure joy in life
 in love, in frienship, ... in all things.

Guess what happen next,I counted it a blessing as 
the store keeper said that she will allow me
to fill up the membership form first
without payment and will reserve the Membership Kit for me
to collect the next day when I settled the payment.  

Besides being delighted in having
my very first figurine
from Precious Moments,
the figurine is also a symbol of my life.
As I enjoy singing to the Lord my God
who loves me unchangingly
in every moments, be it a rainy day or sunny day. 
I feel like a happy chipping "bird"
on my bed after I woke up.

This little joy filled my mind, my heart and my soul,
and what if I forgot to sing,
it could means I am not that ready for the day to come.

So when tomorrow morning arrives,
will I sing?
Will you sing?

I wish I will 
Sing For Joy For Each New Day!

Remember this:
Be thankful and grateful, deeply appreciate
for what a day we will be receiving!


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