Monday, November 23, 2009

Sharing of an EU film I watched - "With Your Permission"

He played the main actor, Jan (Lars Bergmann) 
being the cruise-ship chef in the beginning
& toll collector at the end.

Recently I watched a European Union (EU) movie in the
Golden Screen Cinema (GSC)
 during the EU film festival.

The title is pretty good I think, "With Your Permission",
it aroused curiosity in me and it is a comedy movie.
Directed by the hilarious Paprika Steen, she is well-known on Danish screen and stages.

To me it is a disturbing comedy and ended up like a big drama when the obnoxious main actor decided to kill his wife by hired his "new friends" that were introduced to him during the "group therapy".
However, the story went on and on this corner of chance and destiny, their lives took unexpected turns.

The main actor, Jan, was with lots of fear, and always hide things from his wife.
You may ask why? The root cause stem from a major accident causing him hearing disabilty.
As a result, he must give up persuing his dream to be an opera singer.
On the other hand, his wife too, stopped persuing her dream and the house "Opera Rule" set in which disallowed "opera siging" in the house.

Now, a conclusion has been drawn, if you give up too much in a marriage, you could be in big trouble.

Another point to note, is that, we, human, is very unreasonable creature at times, for example, liking someone that we should dislike, and disliking someone that we should like.  

Last point, we have to beware of this, "people is not just what you see"...

Overall, I have a real tough time to figure out the message(s) that the director
of this Danish film to the audience.

This storyline was very real indeed!
That love can be frustrating at times but we shall learn not to stop our love one to "move on" in life if we truely care for him/her. And I believe that everyone has a higher destiny in life other than living for themselve.

I quite like this saying:
Couples should learn not to whistle in the dark but sing through in the relationship!

Dear, do you get the meaning?
It's all come back to what we call an open communication by two or more key parties in a relationship.

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