Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sharing of my Toastmaster Journey: #1 : How To Tackle Table Topics

Have you ever thought that you can speak like a leader?
Is there a leader in you?

A table topic is ground for the member to do an impromptu speech, which is similar to a prepared speech. It has a beginning, a body and a closing. 2 mins given for the speech after the speaker are informed on the topic/ question that is selected by random.

One simple method to tackle is the PREP.

Start by greeting the President, Toatsmaster of the meeting/ evening (TME), table topic masters, toastmasters and distinguished guests.

Repeat the question. Remember do not hold the paper that contains the question/ topic as it will serve no purpose and will only be a sign of nervousness especially when your hands start to fold and unfold that piece of paper.

Then apply the PREP outline.

PREP stands for Point, Reason, Example, and Point.

Point - state your point of view about the question. Do you agree or disagree?

Reason - give a reason for your view

Example - give one or two examples (no more the three)

Point - restate your point of view or conclude it

After each toastmasters meeting, collect all the questions from the table topic master and practice all the questions at home.

I have a Toastmaster friend, Danniel, who once shared with me, to overcome the fear of doing an impromtu speech (butterflies in the stomach), I have to do at least 100 times of table topics. After the 100 times, I shall not get rid off the butterflies but shall get them to fly in formation.

Will you believe it?

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