Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sharing of my Toastmaster Journey: #3 : How To Do A Speech Evaluation?

Listen. Listen. Listen.
The key is to pay attention and listen to both verbal and non verbal communication.
Imagine that you are a role play as "coach" and is trying to bring the person the another level up after the speech, and he/she indeed need an honest and constructive evaluation from you (the evaluator).

It is given 2 mins for a speech evaluation and the standard format to follow is:
First, Commendation(s)
Second, Recommendation(s)
Third, Commendation(s)

Two important things to note: The speaker's name and his/her subject title.

Begin your evaluation by mentioning the speaker's name and title.

Comment a little bit on the subject matter but not into the details.

Imporatant thing to note is that you must cover the speech objective and
let he/she know that in your opinion, whether all objectives have been fulfilled,
if not, state why with example(s).


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