Monday, November 2, 2009

Toastmasters Area P3 Humourous Speech & Evaluation Contest 2009

I was really shocked when I became the champion of the Speech Evaluation Contest for my Toastmaster club this year, 2009.

I am thankful to God for allowing me having the opportunity to go for the next level even though it is perceived to be tough job!

It was held ay Melia Hotel and refreshment was indeed very good.

This is my very first time winning such a contest and this experience has opened my eyes as among all the participants in the Speech Evaluation Contest, I am the only rose among the thorns. =]

And by drawing lots, I happened to be the first evaluators while the rest were under quaranteened.
With the preparation during the 10 mins quaranteen, I just proceeded to the contest hall with a smile, however it is together with lots of butterflies in my stomach. 

After the delivery of my evaluation I had so much of release!

The result came, my name being called, 2nd runner up. Wow, not too bad, again I feel inadequate to received such an honour! Praise the Lord!

The trophies

The timimg devises

with Parames

with the OC (Organiser Chair), Shamala

with our lovely Area Governor, Choi San

with my Club's dedicated VPE (Vice President of Education), Poh Ying

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