Thursday, December 31, 2009

Quote by Billy Wilder

Hindsight is always twenty-twenty.

- Billy Wilder

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

GIVE AWAY TWO (2) movie tickets


Movie outline:
Two best friends and one unlucky-in-love divorcee (Robin Williams)
and the other a fun-loving bachelor (John Travolta)
have their lives turned upside down when they're
unexpectedly charged with the care of six-year-old twins
while on the verge of the biggest business deal of their lives.
The not-so kid savvy bachelors stumble in their efforts
to take care of the twins (newcomers Ella Blue Travolta and Conner Rayburn),
leading to one debacle after another,
and perhaps to a new-found understanding of what's really important in life.



To celebrate 01.01.10

I have two movie tickets to give away!

Rules of selection:

1. Must be my blog's follower.
For newbies, click on "Follower" button to begin.

2. Must be able to turn up at the Cathay Ciniplex Damansara
on the 4th January (COMING MONDAY) before 9.25pm.

3. Tell me what you like about my blog in 7 words or less!
(under the comment column of this post)

4. Leave your email add and name per IC
at the post for winner notification.
Winner notification is by email.

5. Submission of entry must be received by next Monday,
4th January 2010, 1pm.



SHAPE January Workshop: Jazzercise and Detoxification

SHAPE Jazzercise and Detoxification Workshop

Date: 23th Jan 2010 (Sat).
Venue: Jazzercise at Stomp
Lot 5, Lorong 19/1/A
Section 19,
46300 PJ
Time: 9.45am - 1.30pm

Registration fee:
RM20 per person,
or RM30 per pair

Itinerary and the details of paticipation,
do refers to the SHAPE mag -January 2010 issue.


How do you JUDGE the day?

Judge the day not by the harvest your reap,

but the seeds you sow....

R.O.C Workshop

The workshop organised by FEMALE mag and held at the
Banker's Club, Level 21, Amoda Building on 5th Dec 2009
How was it?
Well conducted with very very "pro" skin care doctor, Tan.
Place was good and food was delicious.
What I like most is the Q&A session as I can POUR out all my doubts
and the doctor got no choice but to try her best to answer me.
Thanks doc!

wow this workshop is F.O.C.
but freebies was worth RM200.

With the ROC Product Demo Consultant

I volunteered to be the demo model. Why, because she more "pro"
in applying those "high tech" R.O.C. stuff on my face.
Wow. I can tell you...
the makeup remover steps are carried out with much gentleness
especially on eye areas. Loving it!

With my beloved "official" photographer.

With Jess, the well-known blogger.

With the Banker's Club CHRISTMAS TREE at this cozy corner.

My first time practise "pose" at the snooker table. LOL

Sakae Teppanyaki 2nd Anniversary Promotion - At Auto City, Penang.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

ISETAN FUKUBUKURO is coming to Malaysia! 01.01.10

ISETAN LUCKY BAGS is coming to Malaysia!

It’s happening on 01 JANUARY 2010


Isetan KLCC, Gardens & Lot 10

is a Japanese New Year's Day custom
where merchants make bags filled with unknown random contents
and sell them for a substantial amount.

Isetan Lucky Bags will range from
cosmetic, clothing, household items
with price starting from RM50-250 depending on which lucky bag category.


Ladies' Sundries - Gardens, KLCC, Lot 10
Cosmetic - 2 sample kit PLUS 1 eyebrow service
Fragrance 1 vials + 1 skincare sample
Shoes - voucher 6pcs
Pouch 1 pc (small)
Handbag 1 pc
Costume accessory 1 pc
Foot comfort stocking 1 pc
Accessory / Costume accessory 1 pc (small)

Gardens 50 sets
KLCC 100 sets
Lot 10 50 sets

Limited quantities:
ONE customer = ONE lucky bag only!

While stocks last!

Again one example of FUKUBUKURO that sold at Singapore in year 2009:

Original Source lime shower gel
Bioderma ultra mild non-rinse cleanser
ZA eye shadow (10ct)
Stilla plumping lip glaze (vanilla mint, expiry date 2009 Nov)
Phyto shampoo
Avalon american ginseng (slice)
Nirvana Spa S$100 voucher
Isetan Valentine's brochure

Sakae Sushi Black Plate Promotion January 2010 - Hotate

Monday, December 28, 2009

FREE Makeover session by Lancome

Want to experience a FREE Makeover by Lancome
Purchase the January Cosmopolitan issue and call to make your appointment.
The session only open for 2 days (22 & 23 January 2009) at the selected Lancome counter.

Also, the FIVE (5) most elegant makeover participants will win themself
a Lancome Hamper worth RM500!

Quote by Carlos Castaneda

"The flaw with words is that they always make us feel enlightened,
but when we turn around to face the world
they always fail us and we end up facing the world
as we always have, without enlightenment.

For this reason, a warrior seeks to act rather than to talk,
and to this effect, he gets a new description of the world
where talking is not that important,
and where new acts have new reflections."

~ Carlos Castaneda

Toni&Guy - My Free Hairdo at KLCC Watson

Mid way through the hairdo by Toni and Guy

Now the curls are opened up and give more volume!

Full view of the hair volume after hair do with Toni and Guy poster behind me.

 From Far right is the CRUCIAL FIRST STEP in hairdo, namely
Toni and Guy Protein Protection Mist
Function: To protect our hair before any hairdo with the hot flat iron.
Toni and Guy Beach Curl Spray
Toni and Guy Twist-It Curl Balm
Toni and Guy Rapid Response Leave-In Conditioner


Toni and Guy Frizz Smoothing Curl Shampoo and Conditioner (250ml each)
Twist-It Curl Balm
The product price is very reasonable and you can either get it from the saloon or selected
Wastons stores such as KLCC Watsons.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Origins: Make It BIG. It's a BIG DEAL!


Love this as it contains the power agent called "Rose of Jericho" (see below)

Front: the resurrected one
Behind: the one without water and put itself in deep sleep!

For mature skin, has powerful antioxidant agent called White Tea.

"SNOW BATH" on my face when i try it.

For Oily skin. oil free. alcohol free.


Over 20 called of enquiry for the above
within the first business hour on Sat according to my beautician at Origins!


Wow. I got my Make-A-Difference Cleanser at Origins BIG DEAL!
plus two little samples.
Do share with me what you have gotten too!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Kiehl's Christmas Party - 17 December 2009

Kiehl's Christmas Party
17 Dec '09

Since 1851, their New York apothecary has been dedicated to serving customers
formulas for skin and hair made with efficacious, naturally derived ingredients.

All of us at Kiehl’s Since 1851 would like to extend a heartfelt greeting
to our customers everywhere!
Although our products are available internationally,
Kiehl’s is at its heart NEW YORK “BORN AND BRED”.

The original Kiehl’s Pharmacy is in New York City;
 a historical, family-founded store located on “Pear Tree Corner” at 109 Third Avenue
in the East Village neighbourhood.
Wherever we serve our patrons, we are committed
to serving a QUALITY PRODUCT
through the most outstanding service that we are able to provide.

Creme de Corps

Our much-loved, super-enriched moisturising treatment for the body with
Beta-Carotene for dry skin that needs extra care and moisture nourishment.
It takes a little longer to soak in, but worth the wait!
Since its birth more than 30 years ago,
Creme de Corps has always been a favourite
with almost 30 million ml produced a year!
It is also known as “the secret backstage weapon”,
being used on models’ legs to smooth and give high shine on the catwalk.

- Leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and beautifully moisturise

- Thick, elegant, non-greasy formulation

- Works on extremely dry skin

- Lightweight version also available

Vonvon, her daughter, Pauline (Lavender) and myself at Kiehl shop.

Kiehl's Harry Davidson

Pavillion decorated booth for Clinique.
Like the red and gold colour scheme.

Huge J Candies by Dome Cafe.

At the huge "well dressed" Christmas tree

ONE Card : Exclusive offer at La Senza Semi Annual Sales

Nine Fruits of the Spirit



(By Irving Berlin)

Days may not be fair always,

That's when I'll be there always.

Not for just an hour

Not for just a day,

Not for just a year,

But always.

Irving Berlin
He was an American composer and lyricist

Sharing the movie - "Sherlock Holmes"

Main poster of Sherlock Holmes

Holmes (Robert Downey Jr.)
the detective with high observation skills.

Watson (Jude Law), the doctor
Has an unexplained strong bond with Holmes
though not through blood, not biological brother.

Blackwood (Mark Strong), the main antagonist.

Adler (Rachel McAdams),
an exotic, dangerous, electric presence.

Watson and Holmes

Watson and Holmes.
Holmes is unshaven and dull eyed, evidence of
long self-medication in the form of several whisky bottles.
Watson is cheerful and determined.
The contrast between the two men couldn't be greater.

Holmes and Watson (behind)

Blackwood (behind the bar) and Holmes
The Steel and Weapons Tycoon Lord  Blackwood
marked the first clue of his plot,
"My first act is a necessary one, for without death,
there can be no re-birth"

Watson, Holmes and Adler

Tammy Ang (Cinema Online roadshow assistant) and I

Anthea, Anna, Asher and I

Indeed, I did not expect the show to be so spectacular!
Holmes can see all the "details in the fabric"!
And I find the success of the story by the suitable selection of casts,
 including the dog owned by Watson by always became the experiment tool for Holmes.
Very funny =]

For those who loves case solving story, this is the one movie you shouldn't be missed!


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