Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas party at Swee Seng's place

Christmas party at Swee Seng's place.
It was a week before Christmas.
Many Toastmasters arrived, and to my surprise,
there is even a Table Topic session after the Christmas Carols presention by the youth.
There are a total of eight table topics, 
seven are done by president/ governor.
I'm the last one, the only volunteer among the eight
and without any "title" such as CTM, DTM, etc
I came and share.
I can still recall that the topic given to me was:
What are your wish to the world in this Christmas? (9 words)
i leaded them to participate with me and we discuss what the world need most.
Love, Kindness, Care.
and my answer is the world need "PRAYER"
irregardless what are our faith backgroud,
the world, which represent by all of us,
therefore unity in prayer for a better world seems very needful!

Table Topic session in a Christmas party is so new to me.

 Lovely Choi San and me

Myself, uncle Swee Seng, and Pyng

Little princess Audrey and myself

Behind: Gentleman, Pyng, Choi San and Ken Fei,
Infront: Chuan Seng, Ramdas and lovely lady and Francis

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