Thursday, December 17, 2009

Clovetwo Power Women Workshop

My valuable learning experience about
1) how to create professionla image (by Wendy Lee);
2) how to create the confidence from within (By Triumph); and
3) how to select footcare form Scholl

Thanks be to The Star Clovetwo team

I enjoyed through out the workshop very much.
Also I got to know new friends, Hannah Teh, a trainer in profession.

At the Menara Star "Our History" Board

With Wendy Lee, the well known Professional Image Consultant,
Founder of Chapter One Asia Sdn Bhd

With the Scholl's Presenter

Geraldine, another experienced presenter from Scholl, the footcare specialist.

Evelyn Foo, the serious and yet popular presenter from
Triumph, the intimate body fashion specialist

Activity session with Scholl

With all the great ladies in the workshop and Scholl's representatives

Take two

Time to say "See You Again" to the Star Clove Two


audrey said...

love these pictures :) your outfit is gorgeous^^

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Lilian said...

Thanks for your sweet compliments. I love it too... But cannot wear it to office just like that. must withy Sleeves, Collars & pair with gorgeous corporate pantyhose. LOL


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