Tuesday, December 22, 2009

First Visit to Premier Advance Toastmasters Club (last meet up for the year 2009)

My first visit to Premier Advance Toastmasters Club at the Banker's Club meeting hall.
Together with me in the above snapshot is the current President,
Kiang Faang Pyng, Distinguished Toastmaster.

The General Evaluator for the day, Mr Lee Swee Seng, 2006 Division P Governor
and current advisor of the club.
His voice and choice of words are equally powerful.

Wow, this elegant design of lighting further enhance the seriousness of the meeting environment.

The three special meeting features from Premier Toastmasters Club are:
1) Go With The Flow
2) Special Guest Speaker
3) Open Evaluation

I personally enjoy the whole process of how the meeting and Swee Seng commented there are 3 types of audiences and participants:
1) extremely excited
2) excitable
3) easily excited

His above statement make me giggle, it is indeed very well said with bit of humour.

Word of the day: Envince
1) to show clear manner
2) to show evidence
3) to bring light

Go With Flow of the day is a debate sessions:
How would you see sending Christmas cards by using the 21st century way and the traditional way?
Yim, Michelle (from Irish), Kaynis, Ben, Helen (DU Adv President) & Loh have added flavours to this segment of the meeting.

"The Visionary Leader" presented by the seasoned speaker, Mr Bnejamin Loui ACG CL,
is inexpressibly excellent.
How he did it?

He analysed on the impact of Vision Statement and
how important to have the vision to be identifiable by the people whom are involved.

He also mentioned that a visionary leader must possess Conceptual Skill.
Example of Visionary leader mentioned are JF Kennedy, and our past Primary Minister, Dr. M.

One of the advance speech speaker used this book:
" The Last Lecture" by Randy Pausch
to share about "Die To Live".
His speech objective is "Uplift the Spirit".
Do check or research on this book.
You may also purchase it from Kinokuniya, KLCC, at RM34.90.

"Do you have to die to live?"

Do contact the VPM (Vice-President Membership) of Premier Toastmasters Club, Mr Yim Ken Fei, DTM
yimkenfei@gmail.com or 012-3162993 if you are interested to pay a visit to the exclusive club meeting.
Coming up is the Special Sunrise Meeting held on 10.01.10 (Sunday).
Hope to see you there!

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