Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Kiehl's Christmas Party - 17 December 2009

Kiehl's Christmas Party
17 Dec '09

Since 1851, their New York apothecary has been dedicated to serving customers
formulas for skin and hair made with efficacious, naturally derived ingredients.

All of us at Kiehl’s Since 1851 would like to extend a heartfelt greeting
to our customers everywhere!
Although our products are available internationally,
Kiehl’s is at its heart NEW YORK “BORN AND BRED”.

The original Kiehl’s Pharmacy is in New York City;
 a historical, family-founded store located on “Pear Tree Corner” at 109 Third Avenue
in the East Village neighbourhood.
Wherever we serve our patrons, we are committed
to serving a QUALITY PRODUCT
through the most outstanding service that we are able to provide.

Creme de Corps

Our much-loved, super-enriched moisturising treatment for the body with
Beta-Carotene for dry skin that needs extra care and moisture nourishment.
It takes a little longer to soak in, but worth the wait!
Since its birth more than 30 years ago,
Creme de Corps has always been a favourite
with almost 30 million ml produced a year!
It is also known as “the secret backstage weapon”,
being used on models’ legs to smooth and give high shine on the catwalk.

- Leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and beautifully moisturise

- Thick, elegant, non-greasy formulation

- Works on extremely dry skin

- Lightweight version also available

Vonvon, her daughter, Pauline (Lavender) and myself at Kiehl shop.

Kiehl's Harry Davidson

Pavillion decorated booth for Clinique.
Like the red and gold colour scheme.

Huge J Candies by Dome Cafe.

At the huge "well dressed" Christmas tree

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You look great on the harley davidson bike! Merry Christmas!


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