Thursday, December 3, 2009

Movie Review on "Love Happens"


Asher Heng (left) and I at the Cinema Online booth.
The cute lion that I held was not for sell anyway.

With an impulsive decision, we have made it for the movie "Love Happens",
we are given two free tickets upon the purchase of
Cinnamon T-shirt for RM25.

The NEXT movie preview promo will be at e@Curve,
Cathay Cineplex on 7th Dec '09 (Monday)
for the Disney movie "The Princess and The Frog" 

Ticket redemption started on 7.30 to 9pm
The shows starts at 9pm.
Click for more info:

The purachse of the cinnamon T-shirt at their booth
will entitle you to get 2 free movie tickets for the show above-mentioned.

"Love Happens" started with a scene showing a "sold-out seminar"
in conjuction with the book published and titled as "A-OK" by 
Burke (Aaron Eckhart),
the lead actor,  a charismatic self-help guru.

Mr. Burke's first encounter with the charming lady, Eloise (Jennifer Aniston)
happened at the hotel corridor
and subsequently bought Burke to discover a new vocab - QUIDNUNC

Now even Burk, the seminar speaker himself needed a dictionary
to look for its meaning.
Quidnunc means a person who is eager to know
the latest news and gossip; a gossip or busybody.

The movie also highlighted that Burke never consume alcohol and never use the lifts.
He prefered climbing stairs. And I thought this could be signs for depression, an evidence to
further support the fact Burke hasn't come to grips with his own loss, the death of his wife.
The question is how did he manage to get a breakthrough, the conflicts that lies within him? 

Besides, I personally being enlightened by the movie
when Burke took the seminar participants
to stand in the middle of  Seattle busy road, 
and then to stand at the roof top of a tall building, located at the same road.
Participants thereafter being asked for their own perspectives from those
different grounds that they stood at.
They have not move any further but the same location they stood,
however, the view points changed drastically!

The movie also captured this awesome buidling of Seattle,
the Space Needle Tower. 

The above picture shows that Burke stood on the "fire pathway"
and invited Walter to make the very first step of "Overcoming Life Challenges" 
BUT Walter didn't do it anyway. 

What I like most about the movie, is to see how the Burke
(lead actor, a widower) engaging with the hurtful soul,
Mr.Walter --- to face with his loss, death of his son,
how Burke pushed him to move on in life.

Next, Burke bought the group to Home Depot

with obvious intention to help Mr. Walter to overcome his fear.
This was seen as a  remedy to rebuild what seems to be lost in Walter's life. 

The movie ended by the confession of truth from Burke himself,
his Father in law (right) got so release and said :
"Son, I'm not angry with you but truely
I am hoping to mourn with you
(for the death of his daughter/ lead's wife, happened 3 years ago) 
But we couldn't find you, and that's the worst part, son."
"At that time, we not just lose our daughter,
but our son. Man, glad that now you face it."

Love Happens is a not-so-commercial-based love story,
chemistry-free affair that under utilises its leads.
However, the movie delivers some kind of values about overcoming life enemy


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures and blog is also very nice...No doubt movie is also awesome...I really liked this movie. I watch love happens movie with my friends

Cinnamon The Lion said...

Thanks for the support!

I highlighted your blog


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