Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sharing the movie - "Sherlock Holmes"

Main poster of Sherlock Holmes

Holmes (Robert Downey Jr.)
the detective with high observation skills.

Watson (Jude Law), the doctor
Has an unexplained strong bond with Holmes
though not through blood, not biological brother.

Blackwood (Mark Strong), the main antagonist.

Adler (Rachel McAdams),
an exotic, dangerous, electric presence.

Watson and Holmes

Watson and Holmes.
Holmes is unshaven and dull eyed, evidence of
long self-medication in the form of several whisky bottles.
Watson is cheerful and determined.
The contrast between the two men couldn't be greater.

Holmes and Watson (behind)

Blackwood (behind the bar) and Holmes
The Steel and Weapons Tycoon Lord  Blackwood
marked the first clue of his plot,
"My first act is a necessary one, for without death,
there can be no re-birth"

Watson, Holmes and Adler

Tammy Ang (Cinema Online roadshow assistant) and I

Anthea, Anna, Asher and I

Indeed, I did not expect the show to be so spectacular!
Holmes can see all the "details in the fabric"!
And I find the success of the story by the suitable selection of casts,
 including the dog owned by Watson by always became the experiment tool for Holmes.
Very funny =]

For those who loves case solving story, this is the one movie you shouldn't be missed!

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