Wednesday, December 30, 2009

R.O.C Workshop

The workshop organised by FEMALE mag and held at the
Banker's Club, Level 21, Amoda Building on 5th Dec 2009
How was it?
Well conducted with very very "pro" skin care doctor, Tan.
Place was good and food was delicious.
What I like most is the Q&A session as I can POUR out all my doubts
and the doctor got no choice but to try her best to answer me.
Thanks doc!

wow this workshop is F.O.C.
but freebies was worth RM200.

With the ROC Product Demo Consultant

I volunteered to be the demo model. Why, because she more "pro"
in applying those "high tech" R.O.C. stuff on my face.
Wow. I can tell you...
the makeup remover steps are carried out with much gentleness
especially on eye areas. Loving it!

With my beloved "official" photographer.

With Jess, the well-known blogger.

With the Banker's Club CHRISTMAS TREE at this cozy corner.

My first time practise "pose" at the snooker table. LOL

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