Monday, December 21, 2009

Sharing of the film AVATAR

The posters of AVATAR

 Many Pandora jargons being introduced in the film to bring out a brand "new" world for fiilm viewers.
I was fascinating with the wonderfully made "new" Pandora world with the "blue monkey" known as Na'vi.

Some Pandora's jargons:
Pandora - human corporation mines
Unobtanium - Pandora's preecious mineral reserve
Na'vi - indigeneous Paleolithic sapient of humanoid,
standing 9 feet tall (2.74m), with tails, bone reinforced with naturally
occuring carbon fiber and bioluminicient blue skin,
they live in harmony with the nature world
and are consider as primitive in human standards.

The lead Jack Sully in his avator form.

The lead female Na'vi, Neytiri (Zoe Saldaria), that become the mentor for
the lead actor (below), Jack Sully (Sam Worthington), a former Marine,
who was paralyze below the waist in combat on earth.
His twin brother was a scientist worked in the Avatar Program;
when Thomas is killed, he took his brother place as he was compatible to his brother's avatar.

Dr Augustine is less than happy about Jack being there as his brother has years of training to participate in the program; in contrast Jack has no knowledge of Na'vi culture and has never use an avatar.
The research team let him go through the program as security detail rather than a scientist.

The famous quote from him when Jack being questioned by the leader of Na'vi, how can you learn our culture when your cup is already full? He replied, "My cup is empty and ready to be filled"

The AMP (Amplified Mobility Platform) suite in Avatar.

Neytiri was riding on this Thanator, palulukan (a large predator) in the final battle,
when faced with Colonel Quaritch in the  AMP (Amplified Mobility Platform) suite

Avatar Leonopteryx, toruk, a large aerial predator, similar to Ikran but much larger, the apex predator.
Na'vi legend tells of only the chosen one of Eywa will be able to shiftly bond and ride the toruk during time of devastation and lead them out of darkness.
It has been said that only 5 Na'vi has ever manage to bond with the toruk, becoming
the revered toruk' makto. The name "toruk" means the "last shadow" in the Na'vi language, referring to its obscuring attack from above being the final warning of impending doom.
 (Source: wikipedia)

In conclusion, I also believe that the film is trying to reconnect us back to our mother earth that has lots of hidden treasures such as fresh air, big trees, and wild lifes.
And the good thing I have learned about having a morning walk in the natural forest / hills surround PJ can actually help us to re-gain the positive ions and to reduce the harmful negative ions that surround our body. And this will definately lead to a better health status quo!
Come, let us take time off in this coming holiday season to have a walk with the nature.
And I wish you be blessed in this joyful season!


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Linda said...

Love this movie, Lilian. Watched it yesterday evening. Agreed with your conclusion that it is a call for us to reconnect with nature.

Love the part when all of the Na'vis seem to be on the losing end but they fought with their heart, mind and soul.


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