Sunday, January 24, 2010

SHAPE: Jazercise and Detoxification

The Poster for the Workshop:
Jazzercise and Detoxifictaion

Main Sposors were as follows:
 TruDTox (Live Life)
Juice Works
Alce Nero Organic Food

Held at STOMP, near to Perodua Service Centre at Section 19 PJ

is a fusion of jazz dance, resistance training,
pilates, strecth and kick boxing movements.

Jazzercise has positively affected millions of people worldwide through
a host network of 7,500 instructors in more than 32 countries.

Every class incudes a gentle warm-up, 30 mins aerobic workout, muscle toning and stregthening segments with weights and Xertubes and a strecth finale.

increase cardiavascular endurance,
strength and flexibility,
as well as overall "feel good" factor.

Shape Mag Editor and Jazzercise Instructors

Me at Juice Works for Detox

I learn something very important to know.
One cup of coffee will take away one cup of water in our body.
Means if today i have 10 glasses of water and includes 2 glasses of coffee,

in total I only have consumed 10-2 coffee -2 water = 6 glasses only
which translates to insufficient water intake as

the standard of good diet should consists of at least 8 glasses of water.

Intreresting fact to you?

First volunteer for the juice making session with "Juice Works" Representative.


1. Weet bits
2. Juice base
3. One banana (with skin peel-off)
4. Three slices of mango (individual preference).
5. One cup of yogurt
6. Half cup of ice (individual preference)
7. A good blender

So it will not only boost energy, but also provide carious vitamins and minerals
that our body need!

Second Lucky draw winner
during the 1st lucky draw announcemment.

What's inside my "lucky" bag?

Rosken Body Wash (x2)
Hand cream (x1)
Body cream (x1)
small pouch (x1)
note book (x1)
sport bottle (x1)

The group photo


Anonymous said...

You look so wonderful!! =]
And you lost weight!!!

Lilian said...

Cheryll, wow. thanks for dropping by and leave a print.
Miss you =]

Lilian said...
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