Monday, January 4, 2010

Let's share ways that might screw up our life

Say Only Yes
Say Only No
Be A Control Freak

Walk Your Life In Somebody Else’s Shoes
means try to be somebody else.

Be Cheap
means try to bargain everything in your life.

Abuse Others
Obtain things by twisting people arms.

Accept To Be Abused
Be somebody else’s toy.

Try To Please Everybody
And lose every single trace of authenticity you have.

Don’t Look People In The Eyes
Don’t Travel
Don’t Read Books
Live by Assumptions
Live By Habit
Pay Yourself Last
Sabotage Yourself
Think Bad About Yourself
Don’t Manage Your Time
Be Judgmental
Solve The Wrong Problems

Be A Follower
means don’t start anything by yourself.

React Instead Of Act On Things
Live Outside The Present Moment

Fall For “Free Stuff”

Talk More Than You Have To

Be Late

Reject Joy

Be Jealous

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