Friday, January 8, 2010

The Movie: "Old Dogs"

A Russian Poster for the movie, "Old Dogs"

It highlights the comedy in a way in the poster itself.

This appeared almost the closing scene, finding way to enter
the Zoo that was closed
for the twins birthday party.

My thoughts:
"Old Dogs" is never remotely funny,
but it excels at being creepy.

Tralvota and Williams have been around long enough to know
that when doing comedy,
sometimes "less is more".

Kelly Preston and one of the twins, also John Travolta's real life daughter,
Ella Bleu Travolta

Happy Big Family:
Robbin Williams, Kelly Preston,
Seth Green (the far right, under-utilised comedy actor)
who knows how to scream like a girl when being by a gorilla in the zoo.
John Travolta
beside him, his own daughter in real life,
Ella Bleu Travolta.

When they realised the "scat" they have smeared over their faces
at an outdoor adventure camp, is in fact bear poop...
and said "Bear poop looks good by comparison"

"Grandfather" for the twins.
Old Dan & Uncle Charlie.

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