Monday, January 18, 2010

Puuur - Real Natural Hand Made Soap

Puuur - Real Natural Hand Made Soap
Blended with pure essential oil
Discover this hand made soap at the Truly Beauty Expo 2010.

Oat Milk Soap
Moisture formula with milk

Always Purplish Soap (to have more elastic skin)
Oat Milk Soap

Bharcoal Mint Soap (deep cleanse) and
Jin-Shen ("Ginseng") Pearl Soap


Vonvon said...

Very interesting.... and they even had demo on soap-making on the 1st day. But I find some of their soaps a bit ridiculously overpriced. I saw a Charcoal something soap for RM128+ for a small bar?? I mean handmade products are usually more expensive, but I don't think to the extent for RM100++ for a bar of soap. I have seen similar kinds of soaps in Covent Garden market and those, even after conversion, are not as expensive.

Just my 2-cents. :)

Lilian said...

oh. the charcoal soap, 50g for RM68.90 and less cash voucher RM15 after attending the talk on "happy couples build success story" so is only RM53.90 only. bought one... =]


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