Monday, February 8, 2010

Watsons : Perfect 10 for 2010 Workshop

Watsons : Perfect 10 for 2010 Workshop

6th February 2010 (Sat)

Taman Pertanian Malaysia, Bukit Cahaya Shah Alam

Main Sponsors: Watsons Malaysia, Sunsilk, Olay, Lux and Garnier.
Therefore we have separate workshop from each sponsors too!
Namely "Perfect Hair", "Perfect Skin" (twice), "Perfect Body"

A very first time for Watsons Malaysia to have an outdoor,
off-the-shopping mall workshop for ladies.

Check out more photos to be posted at facebook at Watsons Malaysia's page.

There will be another Watsons workshop for males only
and will includes Paintball game coming in April 2010.  

Me in the feeder bus from the entrance, headed to the Kampung Budaya

We are the fisrt batch to arrive to this spot
"Perkampungan Budaya" located in the Taman Pertanian Malaysia
Bukit Cahaya Shah Alam

Perfect 10 "Healthy Breakfast"

Candi Soo, our dance instructor
She is the Director for Fitness Training Centre,
situated at Desa Sri Hartamas

She moved us to the aerobic dance known as "Masala",
is combination of modern dance with Bollywood music.
It was indeed very fun and able to wake us up in seconds. 

Opening address by the Marketing and Development Director, Ms Jessica Ng

I am the volunteer for the Sunsilk hairdo
as the Director said she spotted that I have very long hair.

What do you think about this new hair style?

Watsons Own brand product testing on
Green Tea Jasmine Shower cream (left) and
Green Tea Jasmine Body Lotion (right)

The smell is acceptable and fresh  but I find the texture is quite rich.

Another highlight for the workshop is the "Image Power" talk by Dolly Kee

Me and my partner for the "Flying Fox activity"
Do you know about Flying Fox?
It is the highlight for the workshop.

This is the spot for flying fox adventure, all participants are required to sign
an indemnity form prior to this activity

My goodies bag from Watson.

The Perfect 10 group photo
All the fruiful souls and organising team that were very helpful
and committed in "taking care" of us through the day.


Jean said...

Got invitation but I gaveup cause I got other event on same date.
Seems fun..but the one attended was great too!!

Lilian said...

I see, what did you attend?

stellarvixen said...

hola lilian~~ thanks for your super sweeet vote at Miu's blog!! *hugss

wow the workshop seems so much fun!
bet its a fun experience~~ from your look so sporty & smiley hehe


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