Thursday, March 25, 2010

Annoucement on My Blog Giveaway to celebrate 30 followers

Due to my busy schedule next week and
low response in participation (two persons ony)
I figured out that it could be due to the terms and conditions,
i.e. for 1st time visitor to redemm the gym and spa passes.
Therefore, I decided to annouce that one will be the selected winner
to get all the listed items in my blog post
That goes to Yjia.
And Cia Wei will be getting a little surprise also.

I hope all are happy with this giveaway!

As my birthday is coming in early May,
I will organise
my 3rd Giveaway soon!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mystyle mobile voucher: GSC Buy 1 Free 1

SMS my111gsc
Send to 33365
Call 79552900 ext-111
to redeem the mobile voucher
If not mistaken, download of this voucher requires RM3.50 phone credit.

Further details, refer

Estee Lauder: Discover NEW Signature Makeup Techniques.

All information obtained from Estee Lauder email circular.

Sign up for FREE
(by appointment)

You can call these few participating stores:
Note there is specific period of this makeup appointment perios for each store. 

Sogo                                  03 2694 2497       Mar 30 - Apr 5
Metrojaya Mid Valley     03 2284 8422      Apr 7 -12
Parkson KLCC                03 2382 0300       Apr 8 - 14
Parkson Gurney Plaza     04 228 0073         Apr 8-14
Parkson Pavillion             03 2143 1018       Apr 15 - 21

Call now! Limited slots during peak hours.

I Won A Handmade Necklace

I won a Handmade Necklace

The item I won can be viewed and purchased at JewelrybyS.

Yesterday I received the necklace by post.
Below are pictures of the prize I won.

This is how the handmade necklace by Sherry using new wrapping skill. 

Picture when I wore the beautifully made necklace.

Look! It is so lovely and sweet!

Thanks Sherry 


Movie Sharing: Alice in Wonderland

Me, a kid at heart

I pointed at the poster at Mid Valley GSC.
What is my line, probably is this:
"See, I'm late! I'm late! When am I getting my invite to Tea Party?" 

Alice in Wonderland (3D)

Before the movie was up, I joined a few contests and was waiting for results ...
Finally someone treated me... lol
So I wasn't too late for the 3D show by Tim Burton
From the story by Lewis Carroll
together with some well known casts like
Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway...

Another poster showing the cute twins,
The Red (right) and also the White (left) Queens.

Do you notice the absurbly big smile from the Cheshire cat? 

From left: Mad Hatter, Red Queen, White Queen
Makeup by the master-in-details makeup artists

From their hairdo, eye makeup...
Which one would you think used up the highest time cost to complete?
I think it should be Mad Hatter (Depp)

Possible that this Mad Hatter's look will become
an interesting study by the makeup profession.

Sweet nineteen-year-old Alice,
no longer wearing the neat tidy dress in blue and white.

Her nonconformist attitude can be seen during the enagagement.
I watched how she challenge the culture expectations

Truely, this Alice has no longer come with the typical childish curiosity,
instead replacing by a more mature need to the nonsence. 

Did her 2nd experience to that "Underland" ever change her attitude?

Allow me to do the sharing of this movie in a different way.

I hope my blog followers/ readers participate in these following pointers.

 Do you know that "Alice in Wonderland is a much debated
and famous work of literature?

Do you think that Tim Burton has lived up to his ever predictable unpredictability
by viewing this show?

With such intense wild, dark background, and theme focus,
the viewers are to walk through the journey to Wonderland  
in a hallucinate way.
Do you agree?

This Alice is very different from the Alice I used to read in my childhood.
She is not a curious creature by nature.
Rather she is doubtful, and used to reasoning a lot.
She rather believe that that is merely a dream than to accept that
it was the "underland" she visited in her childhood!
Dear reader, do we share the same view?

All in all,
I think this show is still worth watching (4 out of 5 stars)
as the character of Mad Hatter played by Depp will
definately become a masterpiece,
it is a careful combination of ingenious acting, well made costume,
and fantastical makeup art.

Depp was being interviewed about his character of Mad Hatter, he commented:
"I think he was poisoned, very, very poisoned, and it was coming out through his hair,
through his finger nails and eyes!"
But nontheless it was a dream-come-true to him to experience such a character.
He further said that Hatter is a mood ring and his emotion was very close to the surface. 

I personally do not see that Hatter is mad,
instead what happen is that the "sensible world" of Alice has lost its mind.

Does this 3D show serve to the pure value of entertainment?
But certainly I do not suggest this show serve as a
comparison to the original story written by Carroll.
It's just like people say, how can you compare apples and oranges?

Picture from Wikipedia

My fav - Mr White Rabbit

Rabbit reminds me of my fav online assorted bags' seller
Her site is AliceWonder and she loves rabbit!

A unique frame made up by cards, inspired by Queen of Hearts

Do you know where I took this photo?

How can I forgot to strike a pose???


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

From YJia: I Love Your Blog Award

How sweet is this...
YJia nominated 15 blogs that she loves.
Thanks for your nomination, Anna YJia.  
Her blog is known as Fancy Illusionist.


Post the award on your blog

Link the person who has given you the award

Pass the award to your 15 favourite bloggers

Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they've been nominated.

Tina-Bobeena's World First Giveaway

Tina-Bobeena's World First Giveaway
(for all her local and international blog readers)
ends 31st March 2010

Her giveaway includes
Spa headbands (great to keep hair back when washing face or applying MU)

Rimmel Glam Eyes in Spicy Bronze & Glam Ice

Nic's Sticks Paint & Go Nail Lacquer by OPI (no color names looks like sliver & cream)

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils in Milk & French Fries

NYC False Lashes #974A

Revlon Lipstick in Nude Attitude

Will also include some mysterious samples not shown

Monday, March 22, 2010

Experience the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta at Putrajaya

The poster at the hot air balloon ticket counter.
I arrived about 12 plus noon.
Traffic was really heavy.

Basic Components in a Hot Air Balloon
Basically it has 3 main parts

The Envelope
The actual fabric balloon that holds the air

The Burner
The unit that propels the heat up inside the envelope

The Basket
Where the pilot and the passengers stand

Some facts
The first tethered hot air balloon flight with human on board,
took place at October 19, 1783.
And it was built by the brothers Joseph Michel
and Jaeques Eitienne Montgolfier.  

Melting point of nylon is significantly higher than
this maximum operating temperature, 
about 230 degree celcius/ 430 degree fahrenheit

I stood behind the "Tethered Hot Air Balloon Rides"
For the public at certain operating hours.
Ticket price: RM10 per adult and RM5 per child

The concurent activities at the fiesta are shown below.

Water balloon under the hot sun
Ticket sold at RM40 per balloon.

Modern "Kayaking"?

Kite Flying

Motor Sport for the little one.

I was little upset of the absence of the Clown balloon as shown in the event facebook page.

Photo taken from the fiesta facebook page.

My Clarins Experience

My Clarins Experience

Three good products that I would love to share here:

  1. HydraQuench Cream Mask

  2. Younger Longer Balm

  3. Shaping Facial Lift  
(Pictures are as below)

    Top Left
    I put on the Clarins hydraquench mask, and you can see,
    my cheek areas were really thirsty,
    absorption rate varies compare to forehead. 

    Top Right
    The "before" picture after cleansing

    Bottom Middle
    This glowing look was after the correct application
    with Clarins signature products, they are:

    a) Facial Shaping Lift

     It is used for facial drainage, it refines facial contour.
    I have to go through FIVE positions (Pressing with both palms on
    those positions, refer picture below) 

    The FIVE main positions are
    forehead, eyes, cheeks, chin and jaw lines, finally the neck and ears

    b) Younger Longer Balm
    It goes further than any classical age-control product.
    It helps skin to nourish, moisture, regenerate from within like young skin does.
    After apply, my skin quickly regains the tones and freshness and radiance of its youth! Wow.
    Remember it is not a cream, it is a balm.

    Go to experience at Clarins treatment or
    enquire about these signature products at Clarins counter!

    If you have any Clarins experience, do share here at the comments column.

    Nuffnang/ Love World Love Sloggi

    Picture from Nuffnang Malaysia
    Love World Love Sloggi
    Sloggi: Pure Body Wear

    In conjunction with the
    I take this opportunity to share what I love about the nature,
    also what I love about Sloggi.

    {*Nuffnang is Asia's first blog advertising community}

    I love the temperature on our mother earth when I was young.
    I love to play outside under the sun, running with peers on the field was no big deal.
    Enjoying the Telok Cempedak beach walk with family during the weekends
    was the most memorable time.
    During those days, I remembered the climates was more steady then now,
    temperature would not simply rise to 39 or 40 degree celsius.

    So far, have you observe where have we gone wrong in arriving 
    to this stage of global warming?

    So many campaigns held in relation to this global issue.
    One of them is **Earth Hour, to REDUCE electricity consumption;
    further effort also being planted to educate the public to REUSE and RECYCLE.
     I have reclasified my waste into plastics, papers, aluminium,
    and put into the relevant recycle bins stationed at the neighbourhood garden since university days.

    Coming we have the **Earth Hour.
    It is a global WWF climate change initiative.
    Individuals, businesses, governments and communities are invited
    to switch off their lights for one hour on
    Saturday, 27th March 2010 at 8:30pm.

    It is to show their support for action on climate change.

    Today I have also received the UTAR Alumni email regarding this Earth Hour.
    We are reminded almost in every corners to save the earth through action!

    I personally has watched some related movie like the "Incovenience Truth";
    attended awareness campaigne and have learned that 
    the global warming with
    six degree could change the world!

    Do you know what am I talking here?
    It's simple, if the earth experienced another increase of 6 degree Celsius,
    all living things on earth will no longer be capable to stay alive on earth.

    Imaginery picture of the six degree.
    Picture (above and below) are obtained from
    National Geographic :Six Degree can change the world"

    2006 documentary film
    to educate the earth residents on global warming

    All information below (+1 to +6 degrees) are from web research.
    +1 degree:
    Western USA will face severe drought and large part
    will be turned into desert
    +2 degrees:
    Greenland's ice sheet will have melted away
    causing global sea levels to rise by 7 metres.
    +3 degrees:
    3C is the tipping point where global warming runs out of control,
    leaving us powerless to intervene as planetary temperatures soars.
    The centre of this disaster is the Amazon, where the tropical
    rainforest would burn down in a firestorm of epic proportion.
    +4 degrees:
    Southern western will become unliveable due to extreme heat.
    The west Antartic ice sheet will melt away and add another 5cm to global sea level. 
    The complete extinction of polar bears and other ice-dependent species.
    +5 degrees:
    Water temperature of 20C within 200km of North Pole,
    no ice left at either pole.
    Mass extinction in the sea due to methane hydrates.
    +6 degrees:
    Fireballs will rain from the sky and we will all be dead.

    What can we do to change this "sad ending"?
    We need to cut our CO2 emission with over 90%
    in less than 7 years. 
    We have the knowledge and solutions.
    We only need will.
    Educate yourself.
    Demand change.

    Ink drawing by Silly Daddy Comic artist,
    Joe Chiappetta  
    that shows the Silly Daddy ponder on the meaning of global warming

    With this highly discussed global issue at hand, it's no surprise
    that finally our government has launched
    "NO PLASTIC" day
    on every Saturday in the beginning of year 2010.
    Nowadays I always try my very best to carry the tote bag and ask for NO plactic bag.
    And when I having take away (dapao), I bring my own plastic container.
     I will choose to eat at the stall instaed of take-away if I forget to bring my container.
    What a "incovenience" truth to me but I believe this small little act will help the earth.
    So why not? 

    Besides, I also participate in the returning of empty skin care containers
     to merchants such as Origins and Kiehls.
    Some photos during the said campaign.

    Some of my empty bottles collected as follow:

    To encourage consumers to return these empty Origins containers,
    they are giving samples of skin care in sachet.
    Origins also accept those containers from other brands.
    I feel very proud that Origins shows such good effort to allow us
    to return those containers which would then be recycle in oversea
    with specific procedures.

    Myself at the Kiehl's store recycle bin
    with Kiehl's containers.

    Now, I would also like to share about this

    Picture by Nuffnang.

    Though I have heard about Sloggi having the eco-friendly range
    in of the Triumph workshop
    I attended last year, but I try to find out more in Sloggi Malaysia site.

    Ecological friendly fabrics,
    with groovy and fun designs, no longer constraint to "brown or plain colours"
    Sloggi has added colours to the 2010 Spring collection, 
    at the same time offers great comfort and
    a auperb fit for all day long. Creating a "Wow" effect to all ladies!

    One of the material use in the Sloggi "Love World" range
    is known as YARN, produced by 100% recycled plastic bottles!
    I believe this required investment on clean technology to transform waste to
    reusable high quality material.

    Four simple reasons that could
    make me to "fall-in-love" with Sloggi "Love World" range:

    "Environmental Responsible" efforts by Sloggi
    to bring out this "Love World" range is awesome!

    Chic and fun designs, delighting the owners

    Colours add some "flavours" to the recycled material

    Great Comfort, is always the assurance given by Sloggi 

    Sunday, March 21, 2010


    Spotted in Lancome Malaysia facebook page on this

    Take a luminosity 30' challenge and win Lancome products worth RM320

    Pop up at Lancome Blanc Expert road show 

    Venue: South court Mid Valley
    Date: 2nd - 4th April 2010
    Time: 10.30am - 9.30pm

    Photo taken from Lancome Malaysia's facebook notes.

    When you are at the roadshow:
    Part 1
    Say hello to any of our Lancôme make-up artists there
    Tell them that you want to have luminous and radiant skin in 30seconds!
    Take a ‘before’ picture of you! You can use your camera, mobile phones…anything!
    Part 2
    Sit back and let the Lancôme make-up artist perform magic
    on you using the all-new GN-Shield™ SPF50 BB Base
    and BEX White Sapphire Mineral Loose Powder SPF26.
    Say “hi sexy” to your now luminous and radiant skin ♥
    Take an ‘after’ picture of you! Remember to smile! :D
    Part 3
    Upload the before-and-after picture of yourself onto your own facebook page and TAG US!
    Caption the pix “I TOOK PART IN THE ♥ LANCÔME LUMINOSITY IN 30!”
    Cross your fingers that you’re one of the 3 lucky winners!

    Friday, March 19, 2010

    Nuyou Magazine/ Burt’s Bees Workshop

    Burt’s Bees Workshop

    This workshop organised by Nuyou Magazine.

    Details of Burt’s Bees Workshop

    Date : 24 April 2010
    Time : 10am - 2pm
    Venue : Royal Bintang Hotel, The Curve
    Fee : RM30

    ■ Inclusive of refreshment.
    ■ Each person will be entitled to door gift worth RM200.
    ■ First come first served.
    ■ Terms and conditions apply.

    Get buzzing! Call 03-7952 7033 (10am – 5pm, Monday – Friday)
    by 16 April 2010 for confirmation to the workshop and payment details.
    The workshop is open to the first 30 readers.

    You may also refer to the
    facebook page by Nuyou
    Click here

     I also read about Burt's Bee from its website

    Burt's Bee:
    25 years
    For the Greater Good
    100% Natural
    100% Kissable

    Burt's Bee also emphasis on
    Social Responsibility and Environmental Conservation.


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