Thursday, March 25, 2010

Annoucement on My Blog Giveaway to celebrate 30 followers

Due to my busy schedule next week and
low response in participation (two persons ony)
I figured out that it could be due to the terms and conditions,
i.e. for 1st time visitor to redemm the gym and spa passes.
Therefore, I decided to annouce that one will be the selected winner
to get all the listed items in my blog post
That goes to Yjia.
And Cia Wei will be getting a little surprise also.

I hope all are happy with this giveaway!

As my birthday is coming in early May,
I will organise
my 3rd Giveaway soon!


ciawei said...

I'm not the winner also got prize good u, Lilian :)

Thanks QQQQQ


Lilian said...

You are welcome dear =]
Thanks for joining too =]
Have a fruitful weekend!


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