Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Disney On Ice in Malaysia - March 2010

Anyone experience the Disney on Ice Adventure?
Maybe some have experienced it during their oversea trip.
Haha... I felt like a "over-aged" kid there to meet
the all-time favourites Disney characrters on ice.

My seat was at the green zone, Category 3, free-sitting arrangement.

Found a nice seat and snap a photo.

This English man was the "colouring book seller" at the entrace.
He was incredible, can dance and sing and really master the skill
of marketing to both parents and kids.
He was able to make triple the sales compare to another booth
and each priced at RM15.
not activity book but merely colouring book from Disney.
Mind you he can speak in Mandarin, Cantonese,
Malay, Hindu and perfect English.

The "ice" stage prior to the adventurous Disney show.

Dancing by the Disney crews.

My favorite cartoon appeared so suddenly with his electronic guitar.
Can you see him?

Mad Tea Party with Alice in the Wonderland.

"I'm late! I'm LATE!!!!!"
Mr. Rabbit appeared with the usual opening remark.

Still can recall his name?
M_d H_tter
This is the clue.

Look, Buzz lightyear acted as the space trainer for Donald Duck.

i - selling iPhone?
Nope. So "i" is for .....? 
Clue in the picture below=]

That man in black was the fashion designed
for the duck and Incredible Family.

Why was there a prison?

Haha... Pirates of The Carribean. And the prisoners were released.

Do you still remember her?
Now the Donald Duck and Minnie Mouse were cursed by the "sleeping" spell.

The wicked fairy who curses the baby princess is the villain in Sleeping Beauty.

In the Disney version of the story she is called Maleficent.
She desses in black and purple and has a staff with a crow on the top.
She was voiced by Eleanor Audley.
In folk versions she is often the king's wife or the princess' mother in law.

The witch is NOT wiked because she was the one who helped the king and queen
have a child in the first place
and did they give anything to her in return NO!

[Information about Maleficent obtained from the Wikipedia] 


This scene came with the song
"It's a small, small world"

Castle lighted on ice...
It creates absolutely perfect romantic feeling for an

Baby Stitch were sold at RM35 each at the booth.

My overall experience:
It was somewhat satisfy, It could be improved if the stage is bigger and
put in more characters such as the little mermaid, bugs bunny and gang like tweety bird.
The Snow white and Cinderella did appeared in the Disney parade.
The lighting for each scene was greatly done!
However the moral of the story was not very clear to me.
Was it "teamwork"? as the Incredible and all the disney characters tried to
break the spell and save both Minnie and Donald.


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Sherry said...

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