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Movie Sharing: Alice in Wonderland

Me, a kid at heart

I pointed at the poster at Mid Valley GSC.
What is my line, probably is this:
"See, I'm late! I'm late! When am I getting my invite to Tea Party?" 

Alice in Wonderland (3D)

Before the movie was up, I joined a few contests and was waiting for results ...
Finally someone treated me... lol
So I wasn't too late for the 3D show by Tim Burton
From the story by Lewis Carroll
together with some well known casts like
Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway...

Another poster showing the cute twins,
The Red (right) and also the White (left) Queens.

Do you notice the absurbly big smile from the Cheshire cat? 

From left: Mad Hatter, Red Queen, White Queen
Makeup by the master-in-details makeup artists

From their hairdo, eye makeup...
Which one would you think used up the highest time cost to complete?
I think it should be Mad Hatter (Depp)

Possible that this Mad Hatter's look will become
an interesting study by the makeup profession.

Sweet nineteen-year-old Alice,
no longer wearing the neat tidy dress in blue and white.

Her nonconformist attitude can be seen during the enagagement.
I watched how she challenge the culture expectations

Truely, this Alice has no longer come with the typical childish curiosity,
instead replacing by a more mature need to the nonsence. 

Did her 2nd experience to that "Underland" ever change her attitude?

Allow me to do the sharing of this movie in a different way.

I hope my blog followers/ readers participate in these following pointers.

 Do you know that "Alice in Wonderland is a much debated
and famous work of literature?

Do you think that Tim Burton has lived up to his ever predictable unpredictability
by viewing this show?

With such intense wild, dark background, and theme focus,
the viewers are to walk through the journey to Wonderland  
in a hallucinate way.
Do you agree?

This Alice is very different from the Alice I used to read in my childhood.
She is not a curious creature by nature.
Rather she is doubtful, and used to reasoning a lot.
She rather believe that that is merely a dream than to accept that
it was the "underland" she visited in her childhood!
Dear reader, do we share the same view?

All in all,
I think this show is still worth watching (4 out of 5 stars)
as the character of Mad Hatter played by Depp will
definately become a masterpiece,
it is a careful combination of ingenious acting, well made costume,
and fantastical makeup art.

Depp was being interviewed about his character of Mad Hatter, he commented:
"I think he was poisoned, very, very poisoned, and it was coming out through his hair,
through his finger nails and eyes!"
But nontheless it was a dream-come-true to him to experience such a character.
He further said that Hatter is a mood ring and his emotion was very close to the surface. 

I personally do not see that Hatter is mad,
instead what happen is that the "sensible world" of Alice has lost its mind.

Does this 3D show serve to the pure value of entertainment?
But certainly I do not suggest this show serve as a
comparison to the original story written by Carroll.
It's just like people say, how can you compare apples and oranges?

Picture from Wikipedia

My fav - Mr White Rabbit

Rabbit reminds me of my fav online assorted bags' seller
Her site is AliceWonder and she loves rabbit!

A unique frame made up by cards, inspired by Queen of Hearts

Do you know where I took this photo?

How can I forgot to strike a pose???


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