Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Movie Sharing: Edge of Darkness

The lead: Mel Gibson played Thomas Craven

Emma (Bojova Novakovic) was gunned down
in the staring plot of this movie.

This is a complex conspiracy investigation involved corrupt government.
The uniqueness in this movie done in a multifaceted way
and slowly painted out from a primary villain to a range of villains.

Emma worked in the Northmoor as an intent for reserch work, nevertheless 
it was a high security clearance job which required absolute compliance.

It was assumed that her death linked to information somehow reached the activist.

But the media was persuaded that her death was a mistake
and her father being the target that has been missed!

The lead Gibson is very good in his role
and constantly brewing with elevating intensity! 
Most will remember that he even pour the poisoned milk
down the throat of the bad guy.

The momentum of the movie is very much affected by the repeating scenes
as Craven filled up with the presence of his little girl Emma.

I was riverted by the corruptive stuff and
"Edge of Darkness" really has its capability to stick to its essential elements. 

Her daughter's soul appeared and stayed next to her father
who was about to have the few last breath
after the search for the truth ended.

Rating: Extraordinaly
(4 1/2 of 5 stars)

PS: It contains strong language
and violence.

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Shilka said...

Sounds like an interesting movie to watch! :D Thx for sharing :D


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