Monday, March 22, 2010

My Clarins Experience

My Clarins Experience

Three good products that I would love to share here:

  1. HydraQuench Cream Mask

  2. Younger Longer Balm

  3. Shaping Facial Lift  
(Pictures are as below)

    Top Left
    I put on the Clarins hydraquench mask, and you can see,
    my cheek areas were really thirsty,
    absorption rate varies compare to forehead. 

    Top Right
    The "before" picture after cleansing

    Bottom Middle
    This glowing look was after the correct application
    with Clarins signature products, they are:

    a) Facial Shaping Lift

     It is used for facial drainage, it refines facial contour.
    I have to go through FIVE positions (Pressing with both palms on
    those positions, refer picture below) 

    The FIVE main positions are
    forehead, eyes, cheeks, chin and jaw lines, finally the neck and ears

    b) Younger Longer Balm
    It goes further than any classical age-control product.
    It helps skin to nourish, moisture, regenerate from within like young skin does.
    After apply, my skin quickly regains the tones and freshness and radiance of its youth! Wow.
    Remember it is not a cream, it is a balm.

    Go to experience at Clarins treatment or
    enquire about these signature products at Clarins counter!

    If you have any Clarins experience, do share here at the comments column.

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