Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Origins Workshop for Isetan Members (Part 1 of 2)

Origins hands on workshop held at Delicious Cafe, Marc Residences
(opposite Mandarin Oriental Hotel)
on last Saturday, 6th March 2010.
I attended the 2.30pm session.

Big thanks for Origins for selected this wonderful venue
that served good desserts as shown in above photo!

Salad and berry lyche juice

First speaker to get the workshop started

Next, we have the makeup artist for a little demo on how to fix the "fake eye lashes"
with proper glue.

She is the main speaker from Origins that introduced us the skin care range.
Origins offer these few ranges:

  1. Brighter By Nature

  2. Make -A-Difference

  3. Dr Andrew Weil

  4. Perfect World

  5. Youthopia

GWP for purchase above RM300 & RM450.
Additional gift with purchase abovce RM650.
Four Skincare experts for the price of ONE.
RM240 for value set with Dr Andrew Weil face serum full size,
get 50ml face cleaser, 30ml modern friction scrub,
and eye serum worth RM67.
3 value sets for the Brighter by Nature range
see below poster
however all these good deals were only for that particular workshop.


Set 3 has been sold out in the morning session
and left none for our session. WOW!

A closer look at the GWP for purchase above RM300
and RM450 inclusive
of a moisturiser OR serum.

The hands on session is the best part in the workshop
I used the following:
  1. Eye makeup remover
  2. Clean Energy oil cleaser
  3. Brighter by Nature cleanser
  4. Dr Andrew Weil Toner
  5. Dr Andrew Weil Mask
  6. No Puffery Eye Mask
  7. Brighter by Nature Serum
  8. Brighter by Nature Spot Treatment

  9. Spot Remover (Origins pimple gel)

  10. Starting Over Moisturiser (with Mimosa)

  11. Eye Doctor - moisture care for skin around eye

  12. Brighter by Nature anti-stress moisture lotion with SPF 25/ PA++  
The above in BOLD and green can be found in the picture below.

How my face looked after the removed make up with Clean Energy 
and used the Brighter by Nature face cleaser

I choosed Dr Andrew Weil Mask.
It quells and calms visible redness.
This product also won the Men's Health Grooming Award 2009. 

See. How Dr Andrew Weil Mask
revitalise and restore luminosity
to stress skin!

Here is the first part of my sharing on Origins Workshop.
Second part is coming soon...

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