Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Origins Workshop for Isetan Members (Part 2 of 2)

In part 1 sharing, I penned up to the good effect
after trying the Dr Andrew Weil Mask.

It was the free makeover session

I told her I didn't mind trying more intense makeup.
So let's see how she did it.

FIRST: Base --- Powder --- Concealer 

SECOND: Eye make up --- Blusher --- Lip gloss

It was nice
but I think can be better with the shading to define the face.

She was my makeup artist, Lydia Dee.

I meet two pretty girls! Stephanie and Hwee Yen (photo below)

My haul reached RM300 and above. So I got the 5pcs gift.

My door gift of the day:

No Puffery Eye Mask. PLUS
an additional BONUS
for 1st 40 (both sessions on Saturday)
to register receives Dr.Weils
facial treatment (full facial) worth RM118.

XOXO  Origins  XOXO

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