Friday, April 30, 2010

The Gardens Club and Centro Hair Saloon : Hair Care Workshop

Picture: Kai Lee, the speaker and hair expert
shared with us on hair care.

Centro Hair Sallon at The Gardens
organised a workhop on hair care last Saturday.
Venue at The Gardens Club Lounge, 4th floor.

Visit Centro Hair Saloon facebook page by

What have I got to share here:

1. Hair structure consists of
Medulla (the "backbone"), Cortex (90% of the total hair weight)
and Cuticle (6-10 layers overlapping)

Why need to understand the structure?
To know how damage can be done and 
to which part. Then what treatment to seek for.

2. Causes of unhealthy hair
Could be internal or external factors
Internal: Age, Scalp type and condition
External: Product used (unsuitable shampoo),
environmental stress (hot sun)  

She also introduced Kerastase products and each of the functions
for different types of hair, such as normal hair, coloured hair, damaged hair,
oily scalp, etc.

Hair analysis and many vouchers were also sponsored by Centro.
Also, a set of 3pcs travel kit (shampoo, conditioner, mask) is included by Centro
 in our goodie bag.

Refreshment : Fresh and yummy!


Lancome was invited to shared with us on the powerful serum known as
Genifique Youth Activator Serum and I am the "model" to test  on it
with the ultrasound machine.

To show the "before" treament picture

Apply half of my face with
Lancome Genifique Youth Activator Serum
(always apply this serum before any other serum)
and this followed by another serum for whitening,
because the consultant spotted some spots on my face!

Applied the ultrasound for quicker absorption and provide an instant lifting effect.

One side was completed.
Do you notice any difference?
I found it was firmer and has redefined my face shape.

Lastly, I had a little touch-up from Lancome Isetan counter.  
Now my skin is so delightful!

All participants also received a complimentary voucher to try the ultrasound treatment
with Lancome Genifique Youth Activator with prior appointment. 

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

EH! Make Me Gorgeous Workshop at Signature Snips Saloon

I have participated in
EH! Make Me Gorgeous Workshop
at Snips Signature
located at One Bangsar.

The advert for the workshop in EH! mag April issue

This is the Signature Snips Hairdressing Saloon
at One Bangsar

To my surprise, this building is actually the Rick's Cafe
that I have visited few years ago.

During registration with EH! mag editor.

The upper floor has the nail bar,
professional make up and grooming room.

This is the Spa Pedicure section,
added the massage chairs to the service provides extra comfort
to the pampering session.

He is Jaspal stylist and representative, Peter Lum,
shared with us on "to-dos" and "not-to-dos"
with clothes selection.

He knows female body figures and how to enhance and hide it 
more than we women! 

Example, small bust women should enhance its features 
by wearing clothes with decorative top such as
ruffles and ribbons.

A plus size women shouldn't avoid colourful clothes! 
Everyone should enjoy fashion!

We Asian tends to have more yellowish skin tone than pinkish tone,
therefore do not blindly put on the trendy colours wore by the western models.
Instead, we should take time to try out colours 
in front of the mirrors and
know which colours give good reflection to our look.  

The lunch ordered from Cafe 21 by the organisers.

Our speaker on "Gorgeous Image"
She is the Image Consultant from Star Studio Image Consultancy
which was established in 2003 
She is also the ex TV3 presenter Aziah Jasmin Azizul Hassan.

I was the first volunteer for the hairdo demo.
To create an elegant look by using simple tool
such as the leave-in volumising hair insert.

How to apply the leave-in volumising hair insert (also known as Bumpits)
Picture from "Best as seen on TV"
Learn more on eHow.

Ta-dang... the outcome
Looked a bit messy, after some tidy up, it was
indeed a power-up look!

Daniel, Snips stylist on the right, previously worked in Australia saloon after graduation. 
shared tips on making "fun" curls
and say goodbye to "bad hair" day! 

Wow. I love this "sexy" curls!
What is your opinion?

I didn't stay for the Dior presentation
as I have another appointment fixed!

However, the organiser is very very kind.
I still can collect my goodies bag for the workshop!
Thanks to EH! magazine, Signature Snips,
Dior, Jaspal and the special guest speaker Aziah Jasmin!

The goodie bag contains
 a Dior travel skin care set, Dior mascara redemption card,
Signature Snips Services at 30% off coupon
for 1st timers (including nail bar services discount coupon),
Jaspal RM30 voucher with Terms and Conditions apply,
Jaspal Catalogues and EH! magazine April issue.  

Sunday, April 25, 2010

CLEO/ Lancome: Make-up Like the Pros at The Gardens

Attended the CLEO and Make-up Like A Pro with Lancome
at Chinoz, The Gardens

Below are my sharings:

(Photos are taken by Reena, view her blog at )

Zamri Zainol,
an experienced and well known makeup artist from Lancome
was our speaker of the day and
he shared lots of tips on create natural elegant look
in less than 15 mins.

Team of Lancome make up artists

He asked the audience whether I was having a cold/ warm outlook
by looking at my dress.
After got the feedback from audience,
he concluded it is an interesting dress with mixture of warm and cold elements.
Orange is the warm and black is the cold elements.
He used the golden brown for my eye makeover 
and demonstrate to make it subtle for a day make-up. 

He demonstrated that we can even use our finger
to apply eye shadow amd blend.
Not a must to have a full set of brushes to do a good make up.
It's all about practice.

He also shared that we can even make use of blusher 
to create a pinkish eye colour.
Wow, this tip helps to save lots of time!  

Natural make up suitable for daily application.

Many of us like smoky eyes,
is it necessary to buy only dark grey to create smoky effect?
Zamri said NO!
We can creatively use dark purplr, green, or idfferent shades of blue! Wow!

Another imporatant point to note is must use eye liner to
make the eyes stand out.
No matter how beautiful eye shadows you have apply,
without eye liner, the shape and contour of the eye
will not come out.
So, it's good to invest on an eye liner and
remember to apply it =] 

We were given chance the opportinity to hands-on Lancome range of products
and we managed to complete our make-up within 15 mins!

Refreshment from Chinoz, The Gardens.

Thanks Lancome and CLEO.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dining experience at Vietnam Kitchen, Jaya 33

Recently I have tried the food at
Vietnam Kitchen at Jaya 33, located at groud floor,
one entrance from the outside of the building. 

I seldom eat vietnam food, but more frequent on Thai food.

The atmosphere is mystery but lightings are bright
and the environment looks classy and clean.

They have few round tables cater for big groups.

Allow me to share few dishes that I tried at Vietnam Kitchen, Jaya 33.

First: Vietnamese Braised Spring Chicken

We thought this was great as the price at RM22.90,
however, the taste is not up to expectation.
It could be better if they can make it a bit crispy and
add more herbs!

Second: Caramel Pork Belly in Claypot

Looks ordinarily but the we really enjoy the taste!
Well done!
Meat cooked to a tender texture with the right mixture of spices.
Yummy. Recommend to my non muslim friends to give it a try!  

See, no more left!

Appetizers (前菜)looks a bit like the Thai  appertizers,
so we chosen no. 8
Flat Rice Roll with Grilled Beef (3pcs)

If you do not consume beef, you may select
the original roll without meat(越式肠粉) (RM6.50)
or flat rice roll with grilled pork (越式肉片肠粉)(RM7.50)
Plan to try this in the future!

The flat rice roll presentation, served with special sauce.
Not spicy but taste was really above expectation!
*Thumbs up*

Closer look to the ingredients inside the flat rice roll

We didn't order rice but want to have something with soup,
so ended up with this order of
Pork Ball Noodle Soup

Pork Ball Noodle Soup
is also amazing.
Never taste so good when dining out for noodle soup.
Worth the price!

My overall experience was satisfactory
however need some patient to get the food.
A lot of diners even after 8.30pm.

Go and try it and judge by yourself!

Vietnamese Seafood salad RM12.90
Vietnamese Beef Salad RM10.90
Vietnamese Ham Salad RM10.90

Also serve Double Pot Combo Set at RM29.90.

Italian Cone Pizza at Kota Damansara

The classy outlook of the Italian Cone Pizza Restaurant.

"Cone Pizza" captures my attention when first heard about it!

Besides, I dine in to Italian Cone Pizza to redeem my
complimentary Set A Meal of Cone Pizza
that I won from FoodStreet Wmone
(D-Code Team) Facebook fan page
( or

Italian Cone Pizza website is

Ready for a taste of Italy?

The table at outside for smokers or those who prefer outdoor atmosphere. 

The indoor atmosphere with amber light was indeed comfortable
and romantic!

Indoor view closer to the cashier and pastry display area.

This special lighting enhance the overall Italian dining atmosphere. Cool!

The Magherita Story illustrates the Italian Cone Pizza history
in a single page presentation. Wow!

First, what is Pizza Magherita?
A pizza garnished with tomatoes, mozzarealla cheese and basil
to represent the colours of the Italian flag.

The pizza has since then evolved but it was flat...
Today, they give us the future of Pizza - Cone Pizza  

The menu is separated into few sections, I believe it was costly
to have such beautiful design and layout of colour schemes for each sections.

The peek into the cone pizza menu.
FYI, Cone Pizza comes in 12 flavours for selection of your choice.

Side dishes : Omega 3 Tuna Foccacia, Chessy Garlic Foccacia,
Garlicky Foccacia, Fresco Salad, Soup of the day

Kid's meal looks delicious too!

My complimentary set is priced at RM15.90
Choice of Classic Pepperoni,
soup of the day (mushroom soup)
and soft drinks

The happy me, ready for order...
I ordered Classic Pepperoni (Beef) in set A,
and utilised my complimentary voucher.

My friend ordered Magherita,
filled with tomato sauce, top with mozzarealla and parmesan cheese.
My frined commented that the soft tasty dough was really an interesting bites
and the taste was really good! 

Top view of the lovely cone pizza

Side view of the lovely cone piza.
On the left is Classic Pepperoni, right is the Magherita.

Soup of the day (mushroom soup)
Yummy. Hot and fresh!

Salad from another set ordered
I find that the plate could be smaller so that would not looked
as too small a portio served. The dressing is nicely done.

Me, tasted the salad.
Well presented with colourful creative arrangement. 

Map to the Italian Cone Pizza at The Strand, Kota Damansara. 
Overall, I think it is above expectation.
Very friendly service and clean environment.
Serving time is just right and offer high quality food with affordable price!

My dining experience can confirm on the
tagline of Italian Cone Pizza:
"Offer the very best products
At a FAIR and REASONABLE price
And Success will soon follows" 

Italian Cone Pizza has four outlets as listed below:

Selayang Mall.
Beside Main Entrance
Lot GSW 1A Ground Floor
Jalan SU9, Taman Selayang Utama
68100 Batu Caves
+603 6120 1975

Wangsa Maju
No 35, Jalan 46B/26
Taman Sri Rampai
53000 Kuala Lumpur
+603 4143 9823

The Strand Damansara 
47G, Jalan PJU 5/20
The Strand Kota Damansara
47810 Selangor
+603 6142 2578

Puchong IOI Boulevard
13A Ground Floor
Jalan Kenari 4
Bandar Puchong Jaya
47100 Puchong, Selangor
+603 8070 4691


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