Sunday, April 25, 2010

CLEO/ Lancome: Make-up Like the Pros at The Gardens

Attended the CLEO and Make-up Like A Pro with Lancome
at Chinoz, The Gardens

Below are my sharings:

(Photos are taken by Reena, view her blog at )

Zamri Zainol,
an experienced and well known makeup artist from Lancome
was our speaker of the day and
he shared lots of tips on create natural elegant look
in less than 15 mins.

Team of Lancome make up artists

He asked the audience whether I was having a cold/ warm outlook
by looking at my dress.
After got the feedback from audience,
he concluded it is an interesting dress with mixture of warm and cold elements.
Orange is the warm and black is the cold elements.
He used the golden brown for my eye makeover 
and demonstrate to make it subtle for a day make-up. 

He demonstrated that we can even use our finger
to apply eye shadow amd blend.
Not a must to have a full set of brushes to do a good make up.
It's all about practice.

He also shared that we can even make use of blusher 
to create a pinkish eye colour.
Wow, this tip helps to save lots of time!  

Natural make up suitable for daily application.

Many of us like smoky eyes,
is it necessary to buy only dark grey to create smoky effect?
Zamri said NO!
We can creatively use dark purplr, green, or idfferent shades of blue! Wow!

Another imporatant point to note is must use eye liner to
make the eyes stand out.
No matter how beautiful eye shadows you have apply,
without eye liner, the shape and contour of the eye
will not come out.
So, it's good to invest on an eye liner and
remember to apply it =] 

We were given chance the opportinity to hands-on Lancome range of products
and we managed to complete our make-up within 15 mins!

Refreshment from Chinoz, The Gardens.

Thanks Lancome and CLEO.

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reena said...

The workshop was fun!

And I love the refreshment. Yum! :p


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