Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dining experience at Vietnam Kitchen, Jaya 33

Recently I have tried the food at
Vietnam Kitchen at Jaya 33, located at groud floor,
one entrance from the outside of the building. 

I seldom eat vietnam food, but more frequent on Thai food.

The atmosphere is mystery but lightings are bright
and the environment looks classy and clean.

They have few round tables cater for big groups.

Allow me to share few dishes that I tried at Vietnam Kitchen, Jaya 33.

First: Vietnamese Braised Spring Chicken

We thought this was great as the price at RM22.90,
however, the taste is not up to expectation.
It could be better if they can make it a bit crispy and
add more herbs!

Second: Caramel Pork Belly in Claypot

Looks ordinarily but the we really enjoy the taste!
Well done!
Meat cooked to a tender texture with the right mixture of spices.
Yummy. Recommend to my non muslim friends to give it a try!  

See, no more left!

Appetizers (前菜)looks a bit like the Thai  appertizers,
so we chosen no. 8
Flat Rice Roll with Grilled Beef (3pcs)

If you do not consume beef, you may select
the original roll without meat(越式肠粉) (RM6.50)
or flat rice roll with grilled pork (越式肉片肠粉)(RM7.50)
Plan to try this in the future!

The flat rice roll presentation, served with special sauce.
Not spicy but taste was really above expectation!
*Thumbs up*

Closer look to the ingredients inside the flat rice roll

We didn't order rice but want to have something with soup,
so ended up with this order of
Pork Ball Noodle Soup

Pork Ball Noodle Soup
is also amazing.
Never taste so good when dining out for noodle soup.
Worth the price!

My overall experience was satisfactory
however need some patient to get the food.
A lot of diners even after 8.30pm.

Go and try it and judge by yourself!

Vietnamese Seafood salad RM12.90
Vietnamese Beef Salad RM10.90
Vietnamese Ham Salad RM10.90

Also serve Double Pot Combo Set at RM29.90.

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