Friday, April 30, 2010

The Gardens Club and Centro Hair Saloon : Hair Care Workshop

Picture: Kai Lee, the speaker and hair expert
shared with us on hair care.

Centro Hair Sallon at The Gardens
organised a workhop on hair care last Saturday.
Venue at The Gardens Club Lounge, 4th floor.

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What have I got to share here:

1. Hair structure consists of
Medulla (the "backbone"), Cortex (90% of the total hair weight)
and Cuticle (6-10 layers overlapping)

Why need to understand the structure?
To know how damage can be done and 
to which part. Then what treatment to seek for.

2. Causes of unhealthy hair
Could be internal or external factors
Internal: Age, Scalp type and condition
External: Product used (unsuitable shampoo),
environmental stress (hot sun)  

She also introduced Kerastase products and each of the functions
for different types of hair, such as normal hair, coloured hair, damaged hair,
oily scalp, etc.

Hair analysis and many vouchers were also sponsored by Centro.
Also, a set of 3pcs travel kit (shampoo, conditioner, mask) is included by Centro
 in our goodie bag.

Refreshment : Fresh and yummy!


Lancome was invited to shared with us on the powerful serum known as
Genifique Youth Activator Serum and I am the "model" to test  on it
with the ultrasound machine.

To show the "before" treament picture

Apply half of my face with
Lancome Genifique Youth Activator Serum
(always apply this serum before any other serum)
and this followed by another serum for whitening,
because the consultant spotted some spots on my face!

Applied the ultrasound for quicker absorption and provide an instant lifting effect.

One side was completed.
Do you notice any difference?
I found it was firmer and has redefined my face shape.

Lastly, I had a little touch-up from Lancome Isetan counter.  
Now my skin is so delightful!

All participants also received a complimentary voucher to try the ultrasound treatment
with Lancome Genifique Youth Activator with prior appointment. 

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juli1202 said...

Wao... u make it! When I called in the afternoon, all seats have been taken up :(


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