Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Laneige Water Bank Global Survey

 I am in at the session 3.
Thanks Laneige! 

I have collected and started using Laniege since
Monday - 3rd May 2010 after the briefing on
AmorePacific brand (Laneige is one its brand) 

Five items collected in the WaterBank Trial Kit (worth RM215)
Water Bank Refiner Light_EX 50ml
Water Bank Emulsion 2_EX 50ml
Water Bank Eye Gel 5ml
Water Bank Essence_EX15ml
Water Bank Cream 2_EX 20ml

Refiner acted as a toner
Emulsion as a softener
Essence is an intensive care and has high absorption rate
If you visited Laneige counter, 1_EX is range for dry skin type
For Malaysian, 2_EX is a more popular choice
and it is for oily to combination skin

So currently I am prohibited to apply any serum, sleeping mask,
and those with the same functions
I need to use my own cleanser, makeup remover
and sunblock of course.

I really like the name "Water Bank" and
this is my first experinece to Laneige skincare.

Will share more after 1 or 2 week(s).

My current concerns are
dehydrated skin, spots, acne, and pores.

Therefore I will check how much this
Water Bank range can do for my skin =] 
Will it turn my face smoother and fairer?

Thanks again to Laneige for the Water Bank Global Survey.
This survey is also done concurrently in US, Korea, China, Taiwan, Singapore...

Our first survey submission is on the 18th May 2010
2nd survey submission is on 8th June 2010.

Those who complete both survey
to get a mystery gift from La neige =]

Read on for more info about Laneige
(Source: Laneige Facebook fan page)

La neige is the French word for ‘the snow.’

Snow is crystalline water ice, consisting of a multitude of snowflakes,
which are typically hexagonally symmetrical.
Snowflakes are works of art crafted by the hands of the nature.
In the context of LANEIGE, ‘snow is born
with moisture(water) and changes into various shapes
and colors as it moves freely in space time.’

Every snowflake is unique.
No two snow particles can follow the same path to the ground.
Hence, no two snowflakes are alike.
This is where the concept of self-design begins.

Just as no two snowflakes in the world are alike,
no two women in the world are alike.
The new LANEIGE brand is for chic and sophisticated women
who seek to have personalities as unique as snowflakes.

Cool yet warm, natural yet chic, professional yet free.
These are some of the adjectives that describe the confident and modern LANEIGE women.
They find happiness in achievements and beauty in love for their lives.
They refuse to confine their personality to a single style.
Instead, they continue to self-design adapting themselves to a flood of trends.

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