Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Magic X Factor Workshop by Wacoal Tangs Pavillion

Wacoal at Tangs Pavillion

Magic X Factor Workshop

22 May 2010

Magic X Corset by Wacoal
provide strong backbone support and
posture correction.

The Magic X Corset
(front view)

See with your own eyes session
The model showed us the before and after
put on Magic X.
We noticed that her body figure line is re-defined
and avoid the appearance of bulges at the sideof her waist.


When I tried it on, I noticed the X shape in me!


After refreshment, the lucky draw session was on.
Five winners all together.
I didn't win. 

It is ok, I still have the door gift worth RM150, 
inclusive of voucher of RM90
with purchase of complete set of Magic X range,
and cotton briefs.

I met Cia Wei (right), Adriene and Susan during the workshop.


ciawei said...

Lilian u bought the lingerie. Y don post up? =P

Sherry said...

oh nice hehe.. yeah post up la.. let me know also if it work for you :D

Sherry said...

ya want ask how much is corset? lol.. thinking sure pricey

Lilian said...

Hey ladies,
hehe... I manage to control myself and at the end I didn't buy lo.
The corset got few types, simple one and can wear with sexy dress is about RM269. the latest one is about RM369.
Thanks for reading my blog posts =] Muaks =]


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