Monday, June 14, 2010

My Philips My Life - Cooking Session

My Philips My Life - Cooking Session

12 June 2010
Mid Valley Exhibition

I was an implusive participant!

The chef explained on the cooking procedures
and the safety features of the Philips appliances.

We used this Philips steamer.

The ingredients were ready for all participants.
This made cooking seems so easy.

The Philips chopper

Chopping was DONE in seconds!

A lot of ginger with coriander leafts plus
sesame oil

The marinated chicken wings was ready to served!
Time required was 25 mins for steaming.

While waiting for the steaming process to complete,
we learned to make western soup.


Ingredients for the western soup

Philips electrical stove

Soup was cooked in 10 mins.

After blended the hot soup with care
This was the outcome!

Kelly and I
She recognised me during the session.

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Kelly said...

hi Lilian, the chicken wing very yummy... dint not get to try the soup >.<


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