Friday, July 2, 2010

Participate in Laneige Water Bank Eye Gel Promotion (Mid Valley)

Laneige Water Bank Eye Gel

Eye massage with this ultrasound machine together
with the new launching Water Bank Eye Gel

After the Eye massage with ultrasound machine (right side in this photo)

Closer look
See the difference
Instant lift up, less puffy and brighter!!!

Test result for the Moisture Check as below:
Eye area
Before: 45.0% (left) 41.7% (right)
Afterapply Water bank eye gel: 46.3% (left) 51.2% (right)
Tremendous increase for the right
Standard range are 45-55% (lower than this means dehydrate)

My cheek area a bit dehydrated
Standard is 40-50%
my result showed only 36.2%
I will do the Laneige yogurt peel and sleeping mask tonight!!!

Share with me your moisture level here =]
Or visit the Laneige roadshow at Mid Valley (till 4th Jul) to do moisture test!!!

Free samples after the test on hydration and eye massage.
Samples are given tailored to your skin after consulation.

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