Thursday, August 26, 2010

Aster Spring Bridal Workshop

Aster Spring Bridal Workshop (新娘工作坊)

organised by 《female brides》 and 《时尚新娘》

 AsterSpring KLCC, 4th Floor Suria KLCC

15 August 2010
11am - 3pm

Fee: RM50 per couple
(entitle for goodies bag worth RM200)

Diary of a Beautiful Bride

The beauty regime to be a beautiful bride from week 1 to week 12
has been shared by Aster Spring.

To summarise, ensure the skin is moisture and take good care
of the body too, not just the face. 

An advance skin analysis also provided by Aster Spring
for each participant that worth about RM38.00

Do you know how to select a wedding gown?

Look not only at the cutting but also

1. Shape of the gown
2. Length
3. Upper body cutting
4. Body shape

Keith Kee, the wedding gown designer as our presenter
spoke on how to select your wedding gown.

He also shared his passion on fashion and design that began with his love
for designing pretty outfits for babydolls since young.

Standard Body Proportion for Female

I tried on this beautiful one-piece-gown.
Slightly bigger size for me but the colour tone is very nice!

The details of the fabric!!!

Another model who triedon the wedding gown
The size fit her so well!!!

This striking pink gown suites this indian lady so well!

The details of this pink gown with the diamond deco is simple elegant!!!

Elegant off shoulder white gown that most females will love the design


Cheong sam gown with lotsa details 

Standard Body Proportion for male


The groom full suit inclusive of shirt, vest, jacket, bow/tie/cravat and trousers.


This was how the model look before the hair makeover by A Cut Above hair dresser


Hairdo for bride 1: Looks more youthful to me


Hairdo for bride 2: Looks more mature to me

Averine makeover products


Our makeover presenter explaining how to create a nature look 
for the bride and why it was very attractive!  

Angie Lim the speaker on wedding deco

Wedding balloon deco 1

Wedding balloon deco 2

Wedding balloon deco 3

Goodies bag contains
Two magazines: 《female brides》 and 《时尚新娘》
Dermalogical face and shaving trial kit
Facial and body vouchers worth RM400 for each couples
A fresh sunflower (picture as below).

Vouchers from Keith Kee (customised designer's wedding gown),
and Unique Touch (wedding balloon deco). 

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