Thursday, October 7, 2010

IDI Italy 1858 Skin Health Workshop: Skin Sensitivity


IDI Skin Health Workshop: Skin Sensitivity
Venue: Cititel hotel Mid Valley
Morning session: 10am to 1.30pm
RM30 with goodies bag worth more than RM150

Below information is extracted from an article dated 19 Novemeber 2009
in The Star by Marjolie Chiew

"The IDI Italy institute was founded by Father Luigi Maria Monti,
not just treat skin disorders but to provide medical aid to the community at large.
Founded in 1858, it was known as Congregazione dei Figli dell’Immacolata Concezione.
Among the medical workers was a team of dermatologists
who researched and developed safe and effective formulae
to restore skin health.
The extensive work of the dermatologists led to the formal set up
of the Italian Dermatology Institute (IDI).

“Close to 50% of the brand’s customers were men,
who then introduced the products to their wives and children,” says Won.
Brand and marketing manager Linda Lee for 10B International says:
“IDI-Italy 1858 is available in Malaysia and Singapore this year and later,
will be sold in China, Hong Kong
Taiwan and Thailand as well.
In 2011, the brand will be brought back to Europe.”

Ms Linda Lee, emcee of the day. 

Health Juice Demo and tasting 

Speaker of the day is Mr Micheal Wey

Sensitivity can caused by internal and external factors
Internal factors are faulty diet, drugs, hereditary, stress, hereditary
External factors are allrergens, improper cleansing, environmental effects and cosmetics

Sensitive skin can lead to premature aging and pigmentation.

The picture above showing the mechanism for Inflammation that started off with an Irritation

A "Healthy Happy" Skin comes from "Glowing Clear" Skin

Doctor Micheal explained that we must learn to understand
the ingredients that being used for the skin care products.

I hope there will be another session with Doctor on
"How To Read The Label on Our Skin Care Products"

Supplement that we should have everyday for getting
Healthy Happy Skin

Am I having a Healthy Happy Skin?
Hands on session using IDI Italy 1858 products
1. Cleanse
2. Correct
4. Treat

For my skin that is combination skin and slight sensitive,
Recommended categories are 2.0, 6.0 and pro/md, i.e.0.31md   

Applied the best selling Multi action mask under

a multi-action, fragrance-free formula

controls sebum production

lighthens pigmentation for even skin tone

minimises visible signs of ageing & restores natural radiance

hydrates & softens skin

The result is superb!
Love the texture of the cream mask that allows me to talk
and laugh while applying. So enjoyable!

Happy Helathy Faces to be with the IDI Italy 1858
skin care that we have purchased!
IDI Italy 1858 is going to start the skincare treatment in TTDI Vads Building
The basic facial cost RM90 and all participants got the RM50 voucher for a facial treatment
and I won a RM90 facial voucher too! So happy!
Thanks to IDI Italy 1858 for organised this workshop for us!

IDI Italy 1858 skin care are selling at major Guardian pharmacies in Malaysia.

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