Monday, October 25, 2010

KL Mountain Bike Carnival at TTDI Hill

I was at TTDI, can you spot where I took this photo? 

Saw a bunch of people o the hill slope.

With Global Doctors standby

Seems like a race

Some shouted "Rider"

Expert Riders

Oh, it was KL Mountain Bike Carnival 2010.

Big sponsorships

Young 'rider'

Emergency facility

Marshal Map

Orange for quenching thirst

Event poster

Biker's shirts 

RM6,929 for a bike!

Spotted this The Original Multifunction Headwear stall 

Multifunction Headwear RM79

The Original Buff Game
Toss 1 Buff candy into this container, get 1 Gift Coaster
Toss 3 Buff Candy into this container,
get a limited edition Corezone Coaster Set free!

Platypus Bottles/ Hydration bladders 
for trekking (ranging from RM31.50 - RM134.50)

SPI Belt (likw a mini waist pouch)
to put handphone and keys (RM79 & RM99)

Headwear RM95

Thanks for reading this post
See You!

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