Sunday, October 24, 2010

SkyTrex Extreme Challenge

SkyTrex Extreme Challenge
at Taman Pertanian Shah Alam

Entry ticket is RM3 per person.
Fee for differemt challenge
Little Adventure RM30.00
Big Trills RM40.00
Extreme Adventure RM45.00

company water bottles for all participants

This was an environmental friendly outing
We did not bring any disposable / non biogradable items
such as styrofoam containers, plastic cutleries,
mineral water bottles etc in order to minimize waste.

Gloves are available for sale at the rate of RM 3.00/pair
(subjected to changes and availability)


Me with this sporty cap

small group photo

with our personal protective equipment (PPE) - harness


How many challege? 34 extreme challenges

Maximum height: 22m

Time to complete: 2-3 hours

Requirement: Height above 1.4m and weight beloe 100kg

Extreme challenge is for
the adrenaline junkies
it's the final step in discovering
the pleasure of Skytrex's high rope courses

The practice field for all before venture into the real one.

Briefing to the group by Alif

Climbing up the tree, followed by Flying fox

The most scary challenge for me
walking ropes

I was stuck and shouted for help.
After cooled down and think I decided to follow instruction to let go one of the leg
as my waiste was supported by the harness.
The mission was successful I never give up!

swinging tubes
His smile assure us that this is not that scary
and I took his sign of assurance!

Walk on the string

walking ropes  and planks

Floating logs

side by side planks

easy one

chicken exit

Yes. I completed the 34 extreme challenges!

Guide to sky trekking

weather is good

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