Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas : Home cell fellowship

Christmas : Home cell fellowship
We had a little game that used Pictionary.
We had so much fun acting out the "word"
Most of us was shouting
"How many word(s)?"
"How many syllabus?"
The person need to act it out!
I was one of the representative to act out too!

Then we shared what Christmas meant to us.
Christmas :
it's Party time!
it could be a time to get presents!
a time for shopping with lotsa discount; or
a time to fellowship with friends and good food!

To Christians,
it is to remembered our most precious Gift from God,
God's Only Son --- Jesus Christ 
who died for all of us on the cross and forgive our sins
and set us free! 

I wish all my dear friends,
to have spend their Christmas in a meaningful way last week!

My uni friend, Choi Li and I
My sister also went with me too but she was shy to take picture.

Group photo time!
I  was at the second row #4 from right.
My sister was at the last row #8 from right.

My present from gift exchange session

Oh, I got the Beryl's chocolate! 
Give thanks! 
Must reduce weight first before consumptio of this yummy chocolate... lol 

All the home-cook food.
Very very sweet and good job to the preparers!!!

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