Saturday, December 18, 2010

Larian Gemilang 2011 "Run for Charity"

Perkembangan Kebajikan dan Kemasyarakatan ( JKP KEMAS ) 
Kolej Kediaman Raja Dr. Nazrin Shah, Universiti Malaya currently.

The main objective of this run is to get the public involved and express their care towards
the less fortune and disabled. Through this activity, they hope
to increase civic awareness, responsibilities as well as uncovering duties of everyone
especially the younger generation as they are the future leaders of the country.
By knowing the truth behind the modern society, JKP KEMAS 
have taken the initiative to organize the Larian Gemilang 2011 
as we hope to help the people in need in every possible aspects. 
The main target is to obtain at least 500 participants.
Funds that is raised from the registration fees will automatically 
be donated to the Shelter 1 Orphanage. 

Larian Gemilang 2011 @ Run For Charity
Date: 22nd January 2011, Saturday
Venue: University Malaya, Petaling Jaya
Distance: 10km, 7km
Time :6:00-10:30am
Category: Men Open & Women Open (Above & Below age of 18)
Registration Fee:
Above age of 18 - RM15 (10km)
Below age of 18 - RM10 (7km)
Participants: Open For Malaysian Citizen Only

Cash Prizes:
Champion - RM500
1st Runner-Up: RM400
2nd Runner-Up: RM300
4th place: RM200
5th place: RM100
*Finisher Medal: For top 5 finisher's only 
(Latest updated on 16-12-2010)

Contact & Registration:
Larian Gemilang 11,
Kolej  Kediaman  Ke-12
Universiti Malaya
50603 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 013 597 2129 (AFIQAH)
Visit the official website here


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