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Spanish Cheese and Wine Appreciation

Spanish Cheese and Wine Appreciation

(In fact, I personally find this sharing of Sapnish wine and cheese requires so much time to learn, 
and time to appreciate each and every details from the making, contents, originality, taste to
pairing of the wine and cheese. As a result, this post has been drafted few months back and only now
I shall think that it is consider ok to be posted. Happy reading!!!)

The Speaker, Victor E De Jesus,
General Manager for Asia
He is an experienced and acknowledged expert in Spanish gastronomy. 
I attended this Spanish cheese and wine appreciation workshop
at the Sime Darby Conventional
(September 19, 2010)

Ficus Room 5-6.30pm

It was a lively session which, among other things, gastronomic.
Spanish Passion (the company)
indeed has a strong passion towards their products, i.e. Spanish wine and cheese.  

White wine

Rosé wine

"Spain has a relatively large number of distinct wine-producing regions,
more than half having the classification Denominación de Origen (DO)
with the majority of the remainder classified as Vinos de la Tierra (VdlT).
There are two regions nominated as Denominación de Origen Calificada (DOCa)
~ Rioja and Priorato ~ the flagship regions of Spanish winemaking."

[Above introductory Info from Wikipedia]
Spain has over 2.9 million acres planted,
making it the most widely planted wine producing nation;
but it is only the third largest producer of wine in the world,
the largest being Italy and France.

(D.O. refers to Denomination of Origins)


A brut nature with elegantaromas (nuts, coconut, soft toast)
produced by in-barrel fermentation
Complex aromas of riped fruits (quince, melon)
helps bring out these aromas.
Best served at a temperature at a 6-8 degree Celcius.

Paired with San Simon Smoked Cow's Cheese

Azumbre Verdejo 2008, Rueda D.O.

Made from the selection of the best grapes in the vineyard
from vine over 60 years old.
It has a brilliant yellow colour with glints of green
On the nose, it is clean powerful fresh with aromas of peach.
On the mouth it is full, big and oily, well balance with hints of white fruits
and a lingering finish.

Paired with Rosemary Goat's Cheese.

Azumbre Verdejo 2008, Rueda D.O.

VINA SANCHA Rosado 2009

This Rose wine dressed with hint of rashberry giving a very origin
 harvest in the middle of October, picked by hand and selected in bodega.
This wine accompanies perfectly roasted, stews of meat and vegetables.

Luberri Seis 2007, Carbonic Maceration
Luberri acts as excellent modern, fruit-forward wine. 
Luberri is from La Rioja, is arguably the best wine region in Sapin.  
It is one of the first Carbonic Maceration wine aged in oak
It is a modern dark ruby/ purple-tinged wine with 6 months in oak.
It offers refreshing sweet, tarry fruits with hints of cedar wood, licorice and herbs.

Pair with Manchego cheese.

Luberri Seis 2007, Carbonic Maceration

Pago del Vicario Penta 2006

Takes in name from the 5 months it has spent in barrel,
plus 5 varieties that have been used
to compose the wine
55% Tempranillo
25% Cabernet sauvignon
10% Syrah
8% Merlot
2% Petit Verdot

The colour: cherry red with a lovely red rim, viscous, clean and bright.
Taste: extremely fruity with intense of mature red fruits
such as blackberry and rashberry confiture.
After a while in the glass, the wine displays balsamic notes and mountain herb tones.
Serve this wine between 16-17 degree Celcius. 

This simple yet expressive wines can be combined with a wide variety of dishes and tapas

Pago del Vicario Penta 2006

Now, come to sharing on Spanish cheese
There are more than 100 different cheeses in Spain
and some of the cheeses can be bought
“young”, “semi-cured” or fully “cured”.

Many of the better-known cheeses are D.O.
(Denomination of Origin), which insures that the animal sources of the milk
and the traditional methods of making the cheese are maintained.

San Simon Smoked Cow's Cheese, 21D 
Aged for 21 Days

Handcrafted slowly and smoked with Birch wood
It is soft and very creamy, slightly piquant tatse

Iberico semi-cured mixed cheese, 50D

It is the most typical Spanish cheese
that made from a mix of goat, sheep, cow's milk with
minimum 20% of any of the milk.
It has full body nutty flavour, creamy texture,
and 3 dimensional character
that give a very good aftertaste.

Maese Miguel Manchego sheep's cheese, 90D

Traditional cheese with history more than 2,000 years,
the best known cheese outside of Spain.
Made from milk of the Manchego sheep.
It has a very smooth, pleasant, persistent and individual flavour.

Rosemary Goat's Cheese, 90D 

To many people including myself, of course,
this is a beautiful Goat’s cheese aged for 90 days
with fresh rosemary from Murcia’s high plateau region
according to traditional methods passed over generations from local shepherds.
 It has an irresistible aroma of rosemary,
enhancing the smoothness and the goat’s milk flavour.

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