Friday, December 24, 2010

Winter Soltice Dec 2010 (冬至)

It is one of the chinese culture to celebrate Winter Solstice or Dong Zhi.
It is also known as Chinese Christmas.
Chinese families, irrespective of their faith
 can sit down and make tang yuen
and have a family dinner.
Eventhough I am a Christian, I still practice this Chinese tradition
because it is still fun making the tang yuen with the coloured rice ball dough.

Glutinous Rice Flour
or known as "Tepung Pulut" in malay

Rice balls!!!

More rice balls!!!

This a portion for 5-6 persons =]
with 3 packets of 300 grams glutinous rice flour mix

 Tang Yuen (soft rice balls) and the syrup

You can use any kind of syrup.
We use only screwpine leaves (pandan leaves),
brown sugar with a piece of bruised ginger,
making a clear, sweet soup.
The coloured balls look beautiful in this clear, sugar syrup.
Add enough water to get the sweetness you like.


I enjoy my bowl of hot tang yuen.

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