Friday, January 21, 2011

Chocolate Fair at Mid Valley

Chocolate Fair at Mid Valley
Most of the participated brands were from Arab countries or locals,
but I managed to found one from Swiss!

Lindt Chocolate says:

Discover with all your senses when come to chocolate

Quality chocolate should always have an even appearance
and a matt silky sheen.
Quality chocolate should have a smooth and silky texture
and melt slightly to the touch.
Fine chocolate breaks with a clarity audible snap. 

Noir chocolate

Lindth Chocolate with high cocoa

I saw Swiss Thin 70% and 85% Cocoa
at RM16 each
Retail at RM24 each

Sold at RM16 for two

Price check at Supermarket
RM12.39 each

We made a small haul, that was to satisfy the senses!
Total damage to wallet not more than RM60! 

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